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I need to read something positive, this team is bumming me out.
You get the off season to get your hopes up for a little while. We are pre season champions come January you will read posts about our fantastic roster. By June they'll be not good enough again.

The Blair player option doesn't look good for our management. He was already up there in age while at the Broncos. Adding the player option probably shows we were desperate to get the deal done. Short term gains (2018) long term pain.
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I didn't say that. The elephant turds, I repeat for the millionth time is signing outstanding athletes without checking their ticker. Are Polynesians outstanding athletes? Do they automatically have outstanding ticker? Go figure. By the time they have got to FG and show lack of ticker it is a bit late to complain about it. The recruiting was wrong before they started.
No! And they cant handle a bit of criticism either! Just big fucken pussys!
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That's all there is to it.

All 4 of them (Kearney, POS, BS,George) are interlinked although I suspect George may be pushed out earlier.

If you believe that the club has 120 good juniors on its books, then you will also believe that the club could sign 5 quality players from Australia if they wanted to, that the "new" development pathways will solve all its woes, that the main reason they failed this season was due to not putting in at training, that referees are dickheads, that after 25 years the club finally has people that all support each other and know what they are doing.

All EXCUSES! Think about it. These reasons are coming up THREE years into the term. You want to tell me that you JUST realised that players weren't putting into each training after so many post match conferences stating "our preparation was good"? What a load of shit!

Don't get your hopes up. Question everything. Don't believe everything you hear. They have made the fans have dumbed down expectations of what a professional club should be like and be more like "keep the faith"ers. Preying on loyalty.
I think I recall reading many moons ago that it takes 30 juniors to make 1 first grade player. I think that is Smiths logic i.e. this club didn't do development, but now they are, so just be patient. Like I said before Daniel Anderson managed it in two years.
I hope you right my man!
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Mr Bob

I think I recall reading many moons ago that it takes 30 juniors to make 1 first grade player. I think that is Smiths logic i.e. this club didn't do development, but now they are, so just be patient. Like I said before Daniel Anderson managed it in two years.

Club didn’t do any development but now they are? so be patient ?

What a load of horse crap.
I think I recall reading many moons ago that it takes 30 juniors to make 1 first grade player. I think that is Smiths logic i.e. this club didn't do development, but now they are, so just be patient. Like I said before Daniel Anderson managed it in two years.
If that's the case can we have an under 12's to Jersey flegg to under 20's then isp then first grade! Maybe we can bring this down to 1 on 20?


If that's the case can we have an under 12's to Jersey flegg to under 20's then isp then first grade! Maybe we can bring this down to 1 on 20?
I cannot remember how it went exactly. It might have been less than that, but it was surprisingly high. The NFL and the MLB have a budgeted figure for how much development it takes to get a prospect into 1st grade. Some trainspotter can tell me how many Melbourne Juniors are playing in Queensland.

FYI...I found this article from an unidientified Panther player and assistant coach from earlier this year. I have highlighted some things that other people say about the Warriors club:
Phil Gould has been pushed out of the door at Penrith according to sources close to the club. (I’m not a journalist, I’ve just been told by a friend closely involved with the club).
It appears that they’ve basically backed Ivan Cleary over Phil Gould to run the place from a football perspective.
On the face of it, to say ‘see ya’ to Gould, a two time premiership winner and the most successful NSW coach in history, who you then gave the run of the place to, and turn instead to a coach who has a win percentage of 47% at the time of writing, who you once sacked, seems crazy.
But, like everything else, there’s at least two sides to every story, if not more. I will try and provide a new perspective now.
I can tell a very small part of the tale as I am an ex Junior Reps Coach of the Penrith Panthers and I was sacked by Gus Gould as part of a full clear out of the club when he first arrived in 2011. But, since the day I started following Aussie Rugby League from afar in England, I have always been a huge fan of Gus Gould. I think he is the most astute thinker / communicator in our game. I read most of his columns and have done for about 17/18 years, and I always tune in when he is talking or commentating on TV.
In my own personal analysis of Phil ‘Gus’ Gould, despite never meeting him and being upset at the time he sacked me, I am pro Gus Gould.
Of course, I was upset he sacked me. He never made the call himself, he got one of his staff (a mate of mine to this day, who he later sacked as well) to call me to tell me the news. Ultimately though, I wasn’t surprised.
I was close with Matt Elliott, the Head Coach at the time Gus arrived at the club in May 2011. I was about to head to the USA to assist Matt with the USA side who were playing the Qualifiers for the 2013 World Cup. From memory, Matt was the first to get sacked by Gus! Turns out virtually every coach in the club was. Gus was doing his clear out, they all said.
8 years later, Penrith’s Junior teams, 20’s and associated Reserve Grade teams have been very regular Premiers, Grand Finalists or Finalists. Without trailing through the archives I cant think of many failures.
A brand new, state of the art Academy training facility was built which is the envy of most in the game and the first grade team is very well populated with local juniors come good, and has been for several years.
Its easy to talk about the Gould “5 Year plan” and the fact that the first grade team have finished 12th, 15th, 10th, 4th (and one off the Grand Final) 11th, 6th, 7th and 5th during his time and not won a premiership. But the fact that 3 of the last 4 years have seen finals finishes with lots of local juniors is a great sign.
And, like me, if you remember a lot of what the club was like before he arrived, then you’ll know he has done an outstanding job in turning the club around.
That year, 2011, my Harold Matthews side scraped into the semi-finals in 8th.
We were the highest finishing team in the club that season. I remember our side losing to other teams that had plenty of Penrith juniors in their teams. I had holes in my squad and I remember having to ‘manufacture’ a hooker and not many went on to play NRL.
All other teams at the club failed to make semi finals and, the people who recruited and selected the players that the coaches had to work with seemed to blame the coaches.

Prior to my time at Penrith, I was in a similar role at Manly Sea Eagles. Between 2007 and 2009. I remember being at Manly and several player managers offering us players from ‘out West’ (Penrith and Parramatta).
What had gradually started happening over a few years was the other clubs were cherry picking Penrith’s best talent and it seems the Panthers had been slow to adapt. In a game where player managers were having an increased hold on talented juniors and shopping them around, Penrith seemed to think “we’ve got enough talent here, we’ll be right”.
Well the results, for a few years and including 2011 didn’t seem to back that theory up.
Gus basically threw the net around all that and tied all the best juniors up and got a whole new coaching set up in place and the results have been there for all to see.
Obviously, as an ex Panther myself, I have heard anecdotes about how Gus has operated. To be fair, it’s normally from people who aren’t his biggest fans. There is one story though that stuck with me and it may help paint some of the picture.
Somebody in the first grade fold when Matt Elliott had just been sacked, told me Gus came in to do some hands on stuff (eg coaching and team meetings). The report was that “it was like something from the 1980’s”. In other words, they felt he was out of date.
I think all those people got sacked too eventually! Ha ha.
The media narrative about Gus Gould at the Panthers will say something like “he was great at everything below first grade level, but when he stuck his nose in the main dressing room, its where he missed the mark or didn’t quite get it right”.
There was a time in and around his appointment when there was chat about him having a role similar to Alex Ferguson’s at Manchester United.
Well anybody who knows anything about the great Ferguson at United knows that, even though in his last decade, he took more of a backseat in training and let his assistants run a lot of training, he was still VERY MUCH the boss.
He did the team talks, he picked the team, he set the agenda and he hired and fired.
It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Ivan Cleary and Anthony Griffin, two head coaches under Gus, were not there to let someone else do their team talks and pick their team. Both arrived as Head Coaches in their own right.
When Cleary was sacked in his first stint, it was said that he was “tired” and ready for a break. And that wasn’t out of Cleary’s mouth. Read into that what you will.
The Griffin departure was weird and messy. It was weird timing only weeks from the finals. Gus said some cutting words about Griffin in one TV interview and Griffin did a hard hitting interview on TV about Gus. Words attributed to Gus include “He’s old school” (re Griffin)
Griffin said…
“He (Gould) needs to be in control”
“Gus runs the club…..he makes all the decisions.”
We’ve since learned that Gould contacted Wayne Bennett about the coaching vacancy, but someone else at the organisation had taken control and commenced discussions with the coach that Gould sacked a few years earlier, Ivan Cleary.
The Daily Telegraph reports that “he (Gould) lost the boardroom” at this moment. The same article says Ivan Cleary was only prepared to come back on the proviso Gould could not interfere. Cleary also said on record a few weeks ago that Gould’s job was “done”.
Gus – I would like to say that it seems you should have appointed coaches who had less / or no experience as senior head coaches if you indeed, wanted that control.
If that (the control thing) is fake news then it seems your choice of coaches have not seen it that way.
From my point of view, first grade matters seem to me to be the only place where you overstretched or misjudged. Everywhere else you have excelled.
Penrith Panthers should give you a great send off.