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May 21, 2013
Another year and full of hope, but the reality that we are in one of the most competitive competitions on the planet.

Don't get too excited, but there are signs we should improve, mind you all the teams are in the same position.

Yeah as much as everyone has a good laugh about the roosters having carte blanche to sign players, the reality is the salary cap does work and all 16 teams can tell themselves they’ve either improved or are just as good as they were.

Someone has to come bottom, hope it’s not us, but hard to see us above 10th unless we have some crazy luck with close games (recently we have bad luck combined with bad game management (hope green can take a FG) or the key players remain injury free, which never seems to happen either.

We should be ‘in’ most games, but there isn’t any reward for losing by 8 instead of by 20.
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Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 20, 2012
Meanwhile, in the depths of Mt. Smart, Kearney is saying to himself:



Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015


Vossy has us making the 8, such a shame I really used to respect his opinions lol.

What if the Warriors play to their potential this year?

If you could somehow clear your mind of the almost annual capitulation of the Warriors since they last made the grand final in 2011, you would be looking at their squad and rating them top-four material.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Shaun Johnson, Tohu Harris, Adam Blair, Blake Green, Simon Mannering, Issac Luke, Peta Hiku, Gerard Beale, David Fusitua, Solomone Kata, Ken Maumalo ...

There is some serious talent in that list. For starters, a trip to Mt Smart Stadium should be one of the NRL's toughest away trips. Last year with their season on the line they lost their last four home games.

Surely they emerge as serious top eight contenders this year. Surely …

My verdict: Top four is too much, but they will get it right and make the eight.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
Vossy had his fingers burned when his gig was calling the Warriors games.

Voss saw Cappy's rushing defence as change positive for the club.

That was before the Refs decided to penalize the Warriors out of the contest and the Warriors gave up driving the runner back.

Voss talking star line ups just goes to show the gulf between expectation and reality.

Weird to see Voss so positive again after he went all anti for a while.


1st Grade Fringe
Feb 6, 2013
My expectations are outrageously low, we don't have the power in the middle of the field to compensate for the unconscious bias whereby when the Warriors are on defence the refs call held as soon as we touch them and we get marched backwards 80m like its a game of touch. Matulino and Lillyman were 2 of our 3 best middle of the field defenders.

Off The Bench

Warriors 1st Grader
Jan 26, 2014
I think we do have the power in the middle Pulu, Paasi & Gavet just doubt they will use them properly particularly Gavet.

If Ligi or Cris Satae have a good season an force their way in
We will be rocking both are big guys .An I don't mean all our props get injured
I mean actually play their way into the team ..If this happens we will win a lot of
But Gavet .Pulu,,,Paasi are all bruising kind of players .
I have seen Blair an Harris put props in half gaps so it
Will look a lot different than most people think.

Off The Bench

Warriors 1st Grader
Jan 26, 2014
Its a big job to turn this team arounnd.
You have to wait for contracts to run out
Get the right people in
The coaching team as well
So are we looking significantly better
Organized ?
This is the first year we can judge SK
Last year he was trying to untangle the mess
That was our team ..Which he's made some tough
Choices ...Some long termers gone..
This team is now the product of the process .
An if he fails we get McGuire an the club is still looking
Good ..S,K has set us up to be competitive ,He's been in good teams long
Enough to know ,What a club is missing .So even if he leaves this year we
Are in a better position than when he came


1st Grade Fringe
Mar 7, 2016
Yes i have woken from my bear like slumber just getting the brain and voice in tune ready for my prediction of 6th or 7th. Will be heading over to the trials at Rotorua with my son to see if they look any good in the birdcage so to speak. Surely with the likes of Harris etc and maybe a better fitness programme this pre season its time to finally deliver the goods boys.


Warriors 1st Grader
Sep 1, 2015
False hope.

2013 trial against the Broncos in Dunedin where we blew them away didn't end up being a good omen for what the season proper would hold. Blueys Round is a much fairer indicator...
Trials are pretty poor indicators if you win but can be more accurate when you lose.

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