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Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
Hi all,
We have updates a few things behind the scenes over past few days in preparation of relaunch of the site for the 2019 season.

As a result you may have noticed issues posting, site elements looking out of wack, or kept getting logged out over past few days.

If you are still encountering any of these issues, please send me a message or post here.

Site URL has been transitioned to (note the s) from If you have a bookmark, you may want to update that. For the time being all traffic from old URL will be auto redirected to the new one. If there are cases where its not being redirected, please also let me know.

Brief overview of the changes:
  1. Site is now being served over SSL (https). Essentially this means that all communication between your browser and the site is secure and encrypted. You will notice a padlock icon next to the URL . Previously you may have seen 'not secure' written around there instead. This did not really mean anything as there are no ecommerice products on the site, but google has started penalising non compliant sites (ecommerce or not) so the decision was made to move to it.
  2. Server components (PHP/MySQL) were updated to the latest versions. You may experience a faster experience browsing the site as a result.
Some of the above changes were required as there are few goodies we are bringing to the site for 2019 including push notifications to your browser whether on desktop or non IOS smartphones (Sorry apple fans, but Apple does not conform to standards that other smart phones use and as such we cannot create a totally different method to send notifications to your device).

So everytime your post is reacted upon, i.e. like, quoted, replied etc, you will get a notification on your device/browser if you choose to allow it. Similarly you will get notified if you have a conversation message. Clicking on the notification will take you to the noted content.

You do not need to be logged on viewing the site, or have your browser running to receive these mesgs.

Example :

There will be many other additions coming up for next season which we will detail over the offseason.


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