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thanks to that great start even when we have had our slump, we have not dropped right out of the eight race.

If our poor form period could be tidied up to more respectable losses like the Storm and Sharks game...our for and against would have us in strong contention to play realistic finals footy.

The cold hard truth is nothing but the form of the early rounds will get us anywhere near the Grand Final.

With good fortune on the injury front it can be done with those players.
Its not just the great start, how long has it been since they won more than 25% of their final 8 games?
They are already 3 from 5 with 3 rounds to go
In previous years they could have made the 8 if they could just win at the back end of a season, even after a poor start


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Nrl policy dictates that final matches are played in the major stadiums within each home teams territory. For Warriors, rightly or wrongly thats Eden Park.
Also have to remember that all money from gate takings for finals games go straight to the NRL coffers with none of it going to the clubs playing. With Eden Park holding an extra 20,000 more than Mt Smart it only makes sense for the game to be played there. It will sell out...


Warriors Orange Peeler
Agree J Bob I'm never going back to Eden Park also.Rather watch it on TV
It can be at eden park..

I won't be going..

I hate that shit hole.

The best place in auckland to watch footy ..

Mt Smart.
You guys sound petty. I'd go watch them play in a portaloo just to support this team. Doubt they will miss you though. The place will sell out with or without you...
What a year Bulldogs buggered from the start
Cowboy's crashed
Dragons playing their way out of the finals
Penriths boss trying to shoot his own club in the finals time
Hope we keep on keeping on .
We are in the finals ..It didn't matter where its played
Or if we are in the top 4 or not .
We just have to win each game as they come up an we
Can do it .


Also have to remember that all money from gate takings for finals games go straight to the NRL coffers with none of it going to the clubs playing. With Eden Park holding an extra 20,000 more than Mt Smart it only makes sense for the game to be played there. It will sell out...
One problem might be TV times in Oz. Eden Park only has certain number of times it can be played at night. I cannot see it being a 2.30 start time anyway.
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And then there were 9 standing.

The rest are out mathematically. Now matter how you fantasize about the Raiders and Knights dreams in 2018 are gone. Officially. Scientifically. and even algebraically.

Here is this week's draw, the implications for the Warriors, and my predictions

1) Broncos vs Rabbitohs. Rabbitohs do us a favour if they beat the Broncos. Only way Rabbitohs lose is if they fall asleep at the wheel. Rabbitohs havne't been engaged for the past 3 weeks and are just going through the motions waiting for the finals. Broncos could simply out hustle them. Root for the rabbitohs but I don't recommend betting on this game so somnambulist have the rabbitohs looked. Somnambulist isn't the perfect word choice here as it means sleep walking behaviour but you get my point.

2) Sea Eagles vs Titans. Who cares. Don't watch this. For the record Manly will win. Good for your multi.

3) Storm vs Eels. Root for the Eels. We could be tied with the storm on points after this round "believe or not" (source Ripley's Jack Palance).
The Eels looked liked the business against Dragons but were heavily assisted by getting 7 penalties in their favour back to back to start the game. I don't see any team with Cameron Smith in it conceeding 7 back to back penalties. The eels could just about do this anyway as they are the best of the wood spooners. I don't know who to tip. I suspect Melbourne will take it. Wouldn't surprise me in Eels won.

4) Panthers vs Knights - Root for the Knights. Panthers are another team we could be tied with at the end of this round. Maloney in late breaking news is gone until the playoffs. But that probably helps the Panthers as his defence has been shocking lately. Panthers also get Tamou back.

5) Wests vs Dragons. No Widdop for St George. Wests will be desperate and I expect them to win especially at home. The Warriors win either way with this match up. If Wests lose then that goes a long way towards snuffing them out. If St George lose then we overtake them. i repeat over take them on the table. St George coaching staff sound like idiots. They completely underprepared for the Eels game. They took time off and just chilled to enjoy their own company and get ready for finals football. Talk about tempting fate. Tip Wests will win this and very unfortunately for the Warriors and the plus minus they could win 13 plus against St George.

6) Sharks vs Cowboys. Root for the Cowboys as we are tied with the Sharks. Don't bet on this match until the team lists come out. e.g. I heard some noise Taumalolo is out. And that Duggan may be out. All that notwithstanding I predict the Sharks will win as the Cowboys don't really know how to win.

7) Bulldogs $2.45 vs Warriors $1.56
I think those odds are about right. Bulldogs have some young buck play maker who was out last week for family reasons returning. Bulldogs will be harder than the Knights which is why we simply had to win on the weekend. Bulldogs forwards make metres even if they aren't that big. Tip Warriors 1-12 in a nailbiter.

8) Raiders Roosters. Recommend not watching this game. Roosters will win handily.

Here is your multi (remember to wait until the team lists to be sure)

Sea Eagles
For some reason 2018 gives me the feeling of 2007. In that year we slid into 4th without much fanfare in the final round with a side that had a lot of hard workers and followed a structured Cleary game plan to the letter of the law. We have a lot more firepower in 2018 so if we slide into 4th in the final week, we'd be the smokie contenders in the final.

Real odd scenario: the way the Dragons are going, they might very well get kicked out of the 8 in the final week instead of Brisbane by the Tigers. It's technically possible if the Tigers win every game and the Dragons lose all of theirs while Brisbane beat Manly in the final week. That would surely be the story of the season.

If Newcastle win, that really sets up the Panthers clash at Mt Smart as our moment to re-enter the top 4. The Knights try really hard but at the end of the day they have close to the weakest pack in the comp and are likely to be overpowered again especially if Panthers have Tamou back. I can't see how they beat the Panthers even without Maloney. We just have to hope they cause Penrith enough damage so that they come. to Mt Smart wounded and injured, ripe for a revenge score in our favour.

I'm also hoping that the JT factor becomes more important for the Cowboys after that victory against the Broncs. I could see them making another upset if the Sharks take them lightly like they did against Manly. Unlikely but possible. They still have a decent side that can cause the Sharks problems.

As for us, if we want to be serious contenders this year, Warriors 13+ is the only satisfactory result this weekend against the Dogs. We're golden on the road, we have almost a full-strength unit with a back 3 in form close to the start of the year against a Dogs side that really has nothing to play for. They get Lachlan Lewis back who has been instrumental this year but the fact is if our defence is on song, they just don't have the ammunition to score enough points to beat us. But this could very well be a danger game if we don't take the Dogs seriously.

Overall, I can see us moving up to at least 6th this week overtaking the Dragons. 5th if we get an upset victory by the Cowboys and equal on points with the Panthers if they slip up. Keep winning and we could just slide into 4th as the dark horse contender.
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I love number 2......
Who cares lol. Fucking funny.

West's v Dragons will be the one to watch IMO.
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I'm calling a loss in our final game this season.

Warriors will be feeling superior to the Raiders, thinking that they have nothing to play for and will roll over. But the Raiders will find that attitude offensive and it will motivate them to go hard one last time this season. Good one Warriors.

We'll beat the Dogs, because we know they are hungry, and we'll beat the panthers, because we know they are a top 8 team.

Good enough to make the 8. But still not doing our best.
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