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Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 13, 2014
Six games in, 1/4 of the season done and dusted.

How well have we done so far?

What's the next step?
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Negative Nancy
Mar 30, 2012
9 from me. exceeded my wildest expectations. Last game was a little disappointing but willing to give benefit of doubt that they can pull the train back on track.


1st Grade Fringe
May 19, 2012
Six games in, 1/4 of the season done and dusted.

How well have we done so far?

What's the next step?
Nice thread bro

Gave them an 8 ... exceeded expectations, but I had a wee sneaking suspicion we might given the new player recruits along with Corvo

Let themselves down a bit against the Broncos otherwise I would've given them a 9, I hardly ever give out perfect scores ( 10 / 10 or A+ etc ) for anything, I personally think that's counterproductive ... there's always something more to be learnt & or improved upon

Next step ...

Bring our A game against St George, I'm actually not all that fussed whether we win or lose TBH, I just want to see the team play to the best of their ability against the current competition pace setters, especially in defense, which will indicate their unity, attitude, intent & desire as a group ... we already know we can attack

Maintain a consistently high level of performance for the whole duration of this relatively tough run over the next 4 weeks ... Dragons (H) Storm (A) Tigers (H) Roosters (H)
If we can get a 50% record over that run then I for one be relatively content, anything more is a bonus, anything less is a concern

Get through that period hopefully with as few injuries as possible, reassess, plan out the next 4 week block, start again
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Warriors Orange Peeler
Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
5/6 winz = 0.833*10=8.33 out of 10.
Exactly what I based my rating on. End of the day its the only thing that counts. 10 out of 10 for effort but effort alone isn't enough.

Have been pleasantly surprised at the sudden transformation in our teams results and more importantly attitude. Actually I'm more than surprised. I'm astounded! While I had an inkling that change was coming I certainly didn't expect it to happen so rapidly.

Despite the Broncos result we still had a sniff at turning it over. The Gelling and Fusitua missed tries could have swung it all on our favour and thats despite everyone from the coach to the players to the fans realising we didn't show up.

First quarter Im happy. Would say a B+ right now. Next game could change that perception a lot either way but for now its been a good first quarter and that's what we are discussing right now...


Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 14, 2012

We can play better than we have and the team look as if they're starting to "walk the talk".

Did anyone notice how early the Grand Final tickets were on sale this year? I think the NRL went "Holy crap! It could be any of 15 teams, let's get out there and sell tickets now well those 15 teams' fans still think 2018 is their year. Oh, and get a deal going to help Eels fans turn their homes into B n B's for the Grand Final, yeah?"


Dr Faggot
Mar 30, 2012
Gave them an 8. Would have been a 9 if they had got over the line on the weekend. This start has exceeded any expectations I had also, in particular I thought we'd get thrashed in Perth and against the Chooks in Sydney.

I think we've been outplayed in our last 3 halves of football, and the Cowboys performance possibly wasn't quite as good as what we wanted to believe it was - given how they seem to be completely outplayed by everyone, even at home.

But as Welly has said, we can only discuss where we're at at this point in time, and it's been very good.
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1st Grade Fringe
Apr 1, 2016
9 from me,
Solid start mixed with skill, fitness, defence, self belief, luck and the refs crackdowns.

No one saw this coming and I see the loss as a stepping stone....

Agreed. Only thing off making it a 10/10 was the loss to the Broncos.

If they had fought harder in the mental battle to win as a team then I would have been a bit more forgiving and rated 9.5

Anyhoo like you said nobody saw this coming.


All Out!
Jul 15, 2013
8/10 for me.

As a whole pretty happy with the turn around in attitude and commitment, new players have all brought something missing to the table and rest of the squad has lifted to match. Still a few flashes of the old Warriors that stop me from getting too excited but haven’t felt this way about the team since 2002, we genuinely look capable of beating anyone.

Souths- first 15 or so I was like “crap here we go again” but we showed a new grit and won comfortably and killed the Perth hoodoo

Titans- Didn’t think we looked quite as slick but always looked in control and never really looked like losing.

Raiders- we were pretty poor really but the positive thing was we stayed in touch and then showed character to come home strong. Been a long time since I was confident of a comeback so it was pivotal to the team to see it could be done.

Roosters- masterclass and best game of the season so far, got the SJ hoodoo of our back and did it away from home to boot.

Cowboys- comfortable win but a few cracks in the process I think started to show with our fitness which looks like it’s starting to be negated. Shut down both JTs magnificently and their big pack didn’t cope.

Broncos- off day, not sure what changed(well apparently it’s not having Polynesian owners) but the effort was lacking and we let a pack steamroll us (opposite of Souths and Cowboys games). However even though we didn’t deserve it i still wondered if we might steal it in the end.

As to what’s next... Dragons game will be telling, win and we are back on track, lose and the wheels might start to wobble. Tough month before Origin I’m expecting probably at least another loss in there somewhere before we have the origin depleted teams and a few of the lesser teams. SHOULD make the 8 but likely the 5-7 range(Hope it’s higher)
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1st Grade Fringe
May 8, 2012
Got a bit bored and now that I am back on the bandwagon wanted to see how this start compared to other seasons.

Will keep this going, quite interested to do some analysis around the origin periods! 0.5 was added for draws.

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