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Will we make the 8 this season

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1st Grade Fringe
May 10, 2012
The time has come to look at the run home.

Despite some horrific performances it does appear we are still in the hunt for the finals but will need to win a fair few games to get there.

7 wins from our final 11 games will have us make the magical 28 points mark. We missed out purely on points differential in 2015 so 8 wins should see a guaranteed finals spot.

In our favour is the fact this season seems to be weaker than others - there are many teams ready for the taking if we can just get our heads around the brocess.

Round 14 - Away - Gold Coast (Point to consider - great record)

Round 15 - Bye

Round 16 - Home - Bulldogs (Origin players backing up from game 2 days prior)

Round 17 - Away - Manly (Game is in Perth)

Round 18 - Bye

Round 19 - Home - Panthers (Origin players backing up)

Round 20 - Away - Cowboys

Round 21 - Home - Sharks

Round 22 - Away - Knights

Round 23 - Home - Canberra

Round 24 - Away - Souths

Round 25 - Home - Manly

Round 26 - Away - Tigers
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1st Grade Fringe
Oct 21, 2015
If we some how scrape into the 8 (I don't think we will) what then? Knocked out 1st week by the Storm or the Sharks? Does that make our season a success?
Sure the players might all suddenly have an Eureka! moment "that's what the process is" and suddenly transform into a winning team but I can't see it.
Auckland is a real city with real attractions it's not a provincial backwater like Townsville, Newcastle or Canberra we should be making the 8 every fucking year as a minimum requirement not just trying to scrape into it.


Warriors 1st Grader
Apr 14, 2012
Why the fuck do we keep being forced to play in Perth?

There's no forcing involved, I'm sure we happily agree in order to "spread the game"...Tui, anyone?

Same way we agree to take a home game to another part of New Zealand.
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May 21, 2013
I'd take any sort of winning season, even 12-12, but unless the team has a heart replacement - it ain't happening.

Look at those last 5 games, away games to 3 teams that LIKELY won't have anything to play for, they'll probably still beat the warriors, cos out guys won't be interested in making the season last any longer than it has to. You don't get paid extra for playoffs.


Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
Jesus Wept.

Yes I could imagine these creepy bastards sneaking in.

Why make victims of us all in yet another thought experiment ? Because we like to dream....there goes the demarcation between us....the unpaid the dreamers....the hopeful....and the defective employees of this outfit.

They haven't yet finished molesting us in season regular....let alone toying with us mice come top eight do or die Warrior Dystopian world surrender.

The real question is :

Are we on track to sabotage a perfectly achievable top eight target ? Its rhetorical.

No disrespect to the thread creator I'm glad of the opportunity to post in here.
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Warriors 1st Grader
Mar 7, 2015
Top 8?

Have you not been listening to Stephen.

Its not about the top 8 you know.

Its not even about winning you know.

Its something deeper you know.

Its about self enlightenment. Its about giving in to your deepest desires. Look beyond winning. Look into the light.

Stephen will show you the true meaning of consistency.

Stephen the spiritual guru.

Hare Krishna, hare krishna...

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