General 2017 NRL Grand Final Thread

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  • NRL - Storm

  • NRL - Cowboys

  • State - Panthers

  • State - PNG Hunters

  • NYC - Eels

  • NYC - Manly

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Seeing a winger with that speed just brought a tear to my eye - because it reminded me of what we're missing!!!!
The Storm with the speed of their back 3 are dangerous with any little amount of space. A good point about what we are missing as this looks a little like the Warriors in that the Cowboys look slower across the park compared to the Storm. If they are going to score you feel they need to be down in the Storm's 20.

The Storm have managed to up the pace of the game which has helped wear the Cowboys down.

A shame for Fensom if it is a major knee injury. Last game of the season, he gets the off season to recover but chances are it his recovery will run into the start of the season.
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And then TMM goes and scores a pearler of a try!

Good job Morgan, weighed the options perfectly there with the defence rushing in leaving TMM virtually unmarked.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
Credit where credit is due. Storm have been on another level all year. Was pretty clear that they were going to make the Grand Final from mid season. Question was always going to be who were they going to play.

I always knew that whoever did play them was going to have to play the best game of their lives from 1 to 17. Storm would also have to have a bad one by their standards.

Still hate them lol.

There goes another season...
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Can't hate on the Storm, or teams like them such as the Patriots and Crusaders etc. They work harder, test the rulebook out but most importantly, they make good players great.

When Cameron Smith has more running metres than Taumalolo, Cowboys were no chance.