Bromwich to only miss two games? :-/
Thats like sending a message that is not that serious.

They both need to be made an example of by the NRL and NZRL. There is obviously a culture of recreational drug use in the NRL, so there needs to be a massive deterent. NZRL have massive issues with culture - after such a huge loss, these guys should've had a few beers at the hotel/changing rooms and got up early to meet as a team and de-brief formally, making the most of their time together as a squad, to improve for next time. It just stinks of not having any pride in the jersey/country and not an ounce of interest in doing the hard yards/one percenters, to do everything in their power to build towards the Aussies standard.
There seems to much more pride in wearing the Kangaroo jersey than wearing the Kiwi jersey. Occasionally we out perform then but not often. The usual crap is said about Kiwi spirit, best side for years, not frightened anymore, all that hype, which is followed by a good hiding. Now we have two senior players off to a nightclub to celebrate defeat and snort coke. I think the Kiwi's just go through the motions and hope for the best. There has been a strong emphasis on Maori culture in recent times and this has failed and should be forgotten, it has not added anything. Sure, it plays a part in team culture should not be the motivating or common bond. Bromich and Procter have shown us how seriously they take it.

Are you saying the problem is because they're maori? I think anyone caught doing anything stupid like that shouldnt wear the Kiwis jersey again. I dont care what they wear in the NRL.
The only alarming thing is that these 2 clowns got caught. If the captain and a senior player are snorting lines then the odds are pretty good that a decent portion of the team would be in on it too.
It's now becoming blatantly obvious to the public that using cocaine is common place in the NRL.
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Could answer two of my prayers: DK gets sacked as coach and the Madd Dogg leaves the sky commentary team to take over ;)

I see where your going Mike I just don't know with Halligan if it's as much a case of being linguistically challenged as it is being mentally retarded.
Just watched some replays. The Aussies defence is so rock solid. In saying that we didn't look too bad in the first 25 min. They had the flash and set plays. It looked nice but there was no mongrel or heart in their runs. They were nrl energy hit ups but not the passion you should have for your country. It look d like the warriors vs Australia. I don't doubt it would've been a similar score line if it was the warriors. Going through the motions is the saying that comes to mind about this organisation. How do we reinvent ourselves again? Can we rebuild our pride. Our best team of misfits in 2014 Anzac test played with 100 times more pride than these guys. That was the most passionate team I've seen since 2005. How do we find guys that have respect and passion for the jersey and don't fall into being bullied so easily by Aussie. You have to not respect these guys. You need guys who believe they can beat them.

Isn't it funny when we select a really powerful team they play shit. Sound familiar to 2013 World Cup. On paper it was a great squad but talent won't win you a World Cup. Of course we need talent but we need guys who bleed for the jersey. Maybe hiku will find a place back in the squad and some others can do more.