General 2016 Warriors Stats

Ignore the stats? It was only a few weeks that we were bragging about our statistical wizardry with the interchange and how great we were crunching the numbers like we were the Oakland A's.

Birdie Reeves could be busy organizing stats for the coaching staff and management to report on what happened over the next few weeks when the season reviews happen.
Well maybe it's creative interpretation of the stats so they don't seem so bad then. Either way there's not enough positive realization of reality going on.

As I see it, the problem isn't glass half empty,,,,,,,,it's glass fully overflowing.

All this talk about being on the shrooms might not be so far off.;)

I just hope, for all our sakes, that JD isn't falling in love with the rainbows in the sky, and is playing the odds right.
So to the most important Stat.
Who in the "Regular Warriors " team has not scored a try this season
and is up for a Nudie Run on Monday. Is there anyone?

Maybe Smiling Sam Lisone