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Fuck sakes reading all those stats esp the team stats suggest if we weren't so morbid on attack and Robson didn't have his outter body experience and think we was Shaun Johnson with the amount of times he took the line up we might have acutally won this game.
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Makes u wonder what the rest of them are doing?
We've got the players. Do we have the game plan?

I have to say, the most worrying thing for me from the game on the weekend was our completion rate - but, not because it was bad, exactly the opposite. Normally when we complete at that kind of percentage (85% and above), we score a decent number of tries and, generally speaking, win. I guess you've got to give a wrap to the Broncos defense, unquestionably the best in the NRL right now... many teams will struggle to break that down this year. And, on the other side, our attack is still a big work in progress - but even so, it's concerning.
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I have to say, the most worrying thing for me from the game on the weekend was our completion rate - but, not because it was bad, exactly the opposite. Normally when we complete at that kind of percentage (85% and above), we score a decent number of tries and, generally speaking, win.
When Mark Graham coached the side it was the same. High completion, low error, but didn't win anything.
You can look at the running stats of Shaun Johnson and Robson and conclude that Robson is too much a focal point of our offence that it deprives Johnson of the ball. You can also see the stats and think perhaps they are magnified by the fact Robson is slow as fuck in everything he does and the ball will die with him before he executes it properly. Considering how deep everyone is getting the ball you'd think that wouldn't be an issue though.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
Tuivasa-Sheck the 200-metre man
Richard Becht
Mon 21st March, 10:08PM

For the third time in as many games, fullback Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has clocked up 200-metres plus for the Vodafone Warriors this season. Image |

Fullback Roger Tuivasa-Sheck set new standards with his phenomenal metre-eating form last season and he’s continuing in exactly the same vein with the Vodafone Warriors.

In his first three outings for his new club he has hit the 200-metre mark each time to average 217 metres a game, right on a par with what he achieved when he was named the 2015 Dally M fullback of the year.

Tuivasa-Sheck opened up with 200 metres from 14 runs in his Vodafone Warriors debut against Wests Tigers on March 5 followed by 205 metres from 25 carries against the Brisbane Broncos on March 11.

In his first appearance for the club at Mount Smart Stadium he went up a level again with 247 metres from 25 runs against Melbourne on Sunday to give him a total of 652 metres already this season. Easily the busiest player on the field (Ben Matulino and Jesse Bromwich were next best with 19 carries) he also made seven tackle breaks and had a clean defensive sheet.

Topping the tackle count against the Storm was Bodene Thompson with 52 while Simon Mannering – 55 tackles in each of the first two rounds – finished with ‘only’ 40 tackles this week. Thompson and Mannering both had no missed tackles.

While the Vodafone Warriors suffered a heart-breaking 14-21 defeat, they again showed improvement in a number of statistical categories.

They finished ahead in line breaks for the first time this season (4-1) and also headed their opponents in the missed tackles department for the first time, coming up with just 17 misses to Melbourne’s 27 (they missed 20 against Brisbane and 32 against Wests Tigers). In other numbers they made slightly more metres than Melbourne and had more total runs as well as off loads.


Team Stats:

Penalties | Vodafone Warriors 9, Melbourne 7.

Completions | Vodafone Warriors 26/35 (74%), Melbourne 34/38 (90%).

Total runs | Vodafone Warriors 179, Melbourne 162.

Metres gained | Vodafone Warriors 1331, Melbourne 1320.

Dummy half runs (metres) | Vodafone Warriors 11 (78), Melbourne 10 (63).

Line breaks | Vodafone Warriors 4, Melbourne 1.

Tackle breaks | Vodafone Warriors 27, Melbourne 17.

Kicks (kicking metres) | Vodafone Warriors 16 (402), Melbourne 21 (569).

Tackles Made | Vodafone Warriors 328, Melbourne 326.

Missed tackles | Vodafone Warriors 17, Melbourne 27.

Offloads | Vodafone Warriors 16, Melbourne 11.

Errors | Vodafone Warriors 9, Melbourne 4.

Individual stats:

Runs | Vodafone Warriors: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 25, Ben Matulino 19, Ryan Hoffman 16, Tuimoala Lolohea 15, Simon Mannering 14, Solomone Kata 12, Jacob Lillyman 12, Jonathan Wright 11, Shaun Johnson 10. Melbourne: Jesse Bromwich 19, Cameron Munster 17, Marika Koroibete 15, Young Tonumaipea 15, Tohu Harris 12, Will Chambers 11, Tim Glasby 11, Kenny Bromwich 10, Jordan McLean 10.

Metres gained | Vodafone Warriors: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 247, Ben Matulino 142, Ryan Hoffman 123, Solomone Kata 100, Simon Mannering 95, Jonathan Wright 90, Jacob Lillyman 90.Melbourne: Marika Koroibete 163, Jesse Bromwich 150, Cameron Munster 135, Young Tonumaipea 118, Will Chambers 114.

Tackle breaks | Vodafone Warriors: Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 7, Solomone Kata 7, Tuimoala Lolohea 6. Melbourne: Cameron Munster 4, Will Chambers 3.

Off loads | Vodafone Warriors: Ben Matulino 4, Jazz Tevaga 3, Simon Mannering 2.Melbourne: Will Chambers 4, Jesse Bromwich 4.

Tackles made | Vodafone Warriors: Bodene Thompson 52, Simon Mannering 40, Jazz Tevaga 33, Shaun Johnson 31, Blake Ayshford 27, Jacob Lillyman 23, Jeff Robson 20. Melbourne:Cameron Smith 41, Dale Finucane 39, Kevin Proctor 35, Jesse Bromwich 30, Jordan McLean 26, Tim Glasby 26, Will Chambers 21, Kenny Bromwich 20, Cooper Cronk 20.

Missed tackles | Vodafone Warriors: Bodene Thompson 0, Simon Mannering 0, Ben Matulino 0, James Gavet 0, Jonathan Wright 0, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 0, Tuimoala Lolohea 0, Nathaniel Roache 0. Melbourne: Jordan McLean 0, Felise Kaufusi 0, Christian Welch Nichol 0.

Supports | Vodafone Warriors: Simon Mannering 13, Solomone Kata 12, Ryan Hoffman 10, Jeff Robson 10. Melbourne: Blake Green 15, Tohu Harris 13, Young Tonumaipea 11, Marika Koroibete 11.


Warriors Orange Peeler
Vodafone Warriors 24
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 20

Penalties | Vodafone Warriors 8, Canterbury-Bankstown 5.

Completions | Vodafone Warriors 31/38 (82%), Canterbury-Bankstown 29/34 (85%).

Total runs | Vodafone Warriors 174, Canterbury-Bankstown 176.

Metres gained | Vodafone Warriors 1657, Canterbury-Bankstown 1511.

Dummy half runs (metres) | Vodafone Warriors 11 (93), Canterbury-Bankstown 7 (62).

Line breaks | Vodafone Warriors 7, Canterbury-Bankstown 5.

Tackle breaks | Vodafone Warriors 28, Canterbury-Bankstown 22.

Kicks (kicking metres) | Vodafone Warriors 18 (427), Canterbury-Bankstown 19 (428).

Tackles Made | Vodafone Warriors 311, Canterbury-Bankstown 350.

Missed tackles | Vodafone Warriors 22, Canterbury-Bankstown 28.

Offloads | Vodafone Warriors 4, Canterbury-Bankstown 16.

Errors | Vodafone Warriors 8, Canterbury-Bankstown 8.

Vodafone Warriors: Tuimoala Lolohea 16, Jacob Lillyman 15, David Fusitua 13, Jonathan Wright 13, Ryan Hoffman 13, Ben Matulino 12, Simon Mannering 12, Bodene Thompson 11, Blake Ayshford 11, Solomone Kata 10, Sam Lisone 10. Canterbury-Bankstown: James Graham 21, Will Hopoate 18, Sam Perrett 17, David Klemmer 15, Aiden Tolman 14, Curtis Rona 13, Josh Jackson 12, Josh Morris 11, Sam Kasiano 11.

Metres gained
Vodafone Warriors: Jacob Lillyman 174, Tuimoala Lolohea 156, David Fusitua 141, Jonathan Wright 118, Ben Matulino 118, Simon Mannering 116, Bodene Thompson 113, Sam Lisone 105, Solomone Kata 98, Blake Ayshford 95, Ryan Hoffman 93. Canterbury-Bankstown: James Graham 159, David Klemmer 148, Sam Perrett 140, Josh Morris 128, Will Hopoate 123, Aiden Tolman 119, Sam Kasiano 111, Josh Jackson 101.

Tackle breaks
Vodafone Warriors: Tuimoala Lolohea 7, Blake Ayshford 4, Solomone Kata 4. Canterbury-Bankstown: Sam Perrett 5, James Graham 3.

Off loads
Vodafone Warriors: Issac Luke 2. Canterbury-Bankstown: Sam Kasiano 4, Will Hopoate 3.

Tackles made
Vodafone Warriors: Simon Mannering 51, Bodene Thompson 49, Issac Luke 34, Jacob Lillyman 26, Ryan Hoffman 25H. Canterbury-Bankstown: Michael Lichaa 46, Josh Jackson 43, James Graham 35, Aiden Tolman 32, David Klemmer 27, Kerrod Holland 27, Greg Eastwood 26, Josh Reynolds 23, Tony Williams 21.

Missed tackles
Vodafone Warriors: Simon Mannering 0, Jacob Lillyman 0, Ben Matulino 0, Ligi Sao 0, David Fusitua 0, Solomone Kata 0. Canterbury-Bankstown: Michael Lichaa 0,James Graham 0, Tony Williams 0, Tim Browne0, Will Hopoate 0.

Vodafone Warriors: Shaun Johnson 19, Thomas Leuluai 19, Solomone Kata 11, Simon Mannering 11, Tuimoala Lolohea 9, Jonathan Wright 9, Blake Ayshford 8, David Fusitua 8, Issac Luke 8. Canterbury-Bankstown: Will Hopoate 18, Kerrod Holland 13, Moses Mbye 13, Curtis Rona 11, Aiden Tolman 11, Josh Jackson 10, James Graham 10.

Vodafone Warriors: Simon Mannering 12, Ryan Hoffman 10, Ben Matulino 8, BodeneThompson 7. Canterbury-Bankstown: Josh Jackson 8.
What quantifies a missed tackle? Because according to this we didn't miss any. The Bulldogs last try with Tui getting stepped as he came across in cover is this not a missed tackle?
What quantifies a missed tackle? Because according to this we didn't miss any. The Bulldogs last try with Tui getting stepped as he came across in cover is this not a missed tackle?
A missed tackle is when a player breaks through an attempted tackle and an ineffective tackle is when the ball is offloaded during a tackle. Tui's wouldn't be considered a missed tackle as he didn't even get close enough to touch the player with the ball.

What I have no idea is how they allocate ineffective tackles when there are multiple tacklers and the ball is still offloaded. Do all the tacklers receive an ineffective tackle (IT) stat or only the one's who could have prevented the offload? What I'm meaning is three tacklers attempt a tackle but one is around the legs so isn't in any position to prevent an offload. Do all three get IT stats or only the two tackling around the torso?
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What quantifies a missed tackle? Because according to this we didn't miss any. The Bulldogs last try with Tui getting stepped as he came across in cover is this not a missed tackle?

Look near the top of the stats.
Warriors missed 22, Bulldogs 28.
Those 6 less missed tackles were probably the difference between winning and losing.
Mannering 51 tackles, no misses.
The man.

Thompson with 49 and 1 missed on the edge - that's also pretty rad...

Hoffman 23 made with 4 ineffective and 1 missed on the other edge - not so rad...

Actually really good thought I just had...

Johnson - 17 tackles, 2 missed
Thompson - 49 tackles, 1 missed
Ayshford - 16 tackles, 2 missed
Fusitua - 8 tackles, 1 ineffective


Leuluai - 10 tackles, 5 ineffective, 2 missed
Hoffman - 23 tackles, 4 ineffective, 1 missed
Kata - 5 tackles, 1 ineffective, 1 missed
Wright - 4 tackles, 2 ineffective, 2 missed

They were really hitting our right edge hard. Basically twice as hard as our left edge. And yet all the tries were scored on the left.

Big props to the right edge. Wicked defensive display. Probably won the game with no tries conceded down that channel...