Recruitment 2016 Warriors Recruitment Strategy and Targets

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While its just scraps left on the market at this stage, I think we should be targeting Zane Musgrove to boost our prop competition. Very young, from Auckland, plays with aggression and always bends the line. He would fit in well with our young prop rotation of Vete, Lisone, Sipley and Afoa. If we can't get him on board I think we make do with what we have as the next best off contract props are not better than what we have currently (Sam Tagataese, Eloni Vunakece, Josh Starling) or out of our price range (Sam Moa) or young props that may still have some potential left but aren't worth the hassle or risk of bringing over (Francis Molo, Andy Saunders, Braden Uele).

There is nothing available on the wing that is better than what we have, however, one option could be Vai Toutai, could be a good succession plan for Manu next year. Other options that I don't think will happen are Tony Tumusa (his height will limit him at NRL level) or Reimis Smith (Dogs will do everything to keep him I'd imagine).

At second row, truthfully, I don't think we'll make any moves. Hoffman is still under contract, Bodene is going good and we have Ogden and Afoa coming through. Kelepi Tanginoa could be worth a punt as a line breaker and hole runner.

I like the way you think man. Musgrove would be a awesome signing. We need the size and aggression.
Apart from Toutai there's not much on the market but we need someone to replace Jono Wright - maybe Bureta Faramino or Honeti Tuha would be good on a one year deal.
We've had a few second rowers leave this year (Henry, Lane, Lauititi, Palavi and Lousi) so we definitely need to make some depth signings in that position. Maybe a super league player or someone from the Nsw / qld cups. I'm really excited about Ofa Ogden and Bunty Afoa though. They are both big talents and will be future first graders.
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From list below looks like we will add 2-3 2nd tier players to the NRL/ ISP squad. Have full coaching structure been confirmed as yet?

2016 NRL Squad Losses:
Konrad Hurrell
Jonathan Wright
Thomas Leulaui
Marata Niukore
Jeff Robson
Sione Lousi
John Palavi
Shaun Lane
Ben Henry
Henare Wells
Ali Lauititi

2017 NRL Squad Gains:
Ofahiki Ogden
Pat Sipley
Erin Clark (Fulltime)
Junior Pauga
Chris Sio
Kieran Foran
Isaiah Papalli
Jazz Tevega (Fulltime)
Bunty Afoa (Fulltime)

2017 U20s Coach?
2017 ISP Coach?
2017 NRL Assistant Coach?
My firm belief is that recruitment is not the way to improve the Warriors. Obviously there has to be changes in the squad but I mean something more fundamental.

In recruitment I believe they are looking at the wrong things in players, although this is improving.

There are any number of talented young players to choose from. However, talent only takes you so far, the best players have a work ethic, look at Thurston, Gallen, Mannering, any number of players, few playing for the Warriors.

The players you want are those who work hard and want to on the ball all the time. They play themselves into the ground. On the other side those of us with a few miles on the clock have seen any number of talented players fail to make the grade with a lack of work ethic.

The classic is that video of the big kid running through the other team using really only his size. That does no good for him, his team mates or the opposition in the long run.

I want players who are super fit and work on their skills to optimise their natural talents.

Ask yourselves this, which of our forwards work their rings off to get back to return the ball and not leave it to the Wings and FB.
The old quote "the harder I work the luckier I get" should be the clubs new motto.

Foran has the work ethic. Good signing.
I agree with Gizzyfan. Changes in management and culture are filtering down and this takes a while to implement. Front office first and this would be in check now, now it's the coaching staff where changes have been made and this will filter down to the players pretty fucking quickly.
Watch this space
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