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A pint half full man...I can imagine you facing a firing squad, look on the bright side boys, the bullets haven't hit us yet.:(
I'd actually ask for a Pixie Caramel....

One trial match is not the end of our season....

Does it look good, NO

Was the result ideal, NO

Does impact out chances of making the 8, NO

In reality, it was the first game in "anger" with our new sort of must be expected....

What it does show is that defending in the centre position needs improving...I felt sorry for the winger in a couple of those tries in the highlights, they got caught in no man's land due to poor defending on the inside.

And they are highlights as they highlight our defects in certain parts of our game.

I've put money on us beating the tigers, because i think we will...

Jordan G

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Matty loves us he hates he love us he hates us. He must be sitting there with a flower pulling off the petals.

He reckons we will start slow but once we get going. Seems like the last 5-10 years except some of those fell off towards the end.

Most of his quotes on us are a slow start and we will sack the coach. Not sure that will lead to the turn around he is expecting. Now we will start slowly and build. I'd expect Doyle and the coaching staff may be thinking the same. Surely Doyle would be thinking longer than the first 6 rounds.
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Mean while in the UK Mitch garbutt makes my day
There was some mix up with the rules with the UK guys forgetting there is no free play like Super League. I'm surprised more NRL players didn't run up for a push and shove like we see in the NRL only for a Super League player to bring the dukes out.

One of the commentators was bringing up the grief he gets from his own family for Taliis dealing to him. That and the Mason/Fielden incident probably get some showing on League shows in Australia and would have been used for promotional purposed before the no punching rule. The UK guys got some footage of their own to use now.

Interesting concept the 3 games the world club challenge has been expanded to now. I enjoy this more as I get to watch some of it as the final game and the old one-off games I'd be at work,
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Hey mods i wouldn't normally put this in this thread as its not about preseason games,but because u deleted my thread and said to put it the existing preseason thread and its the only one on the search that comes up here goes.

Today I watched a Highlanders preseason show on foxsports in oz. And it was good to see how the coach picked his players after the trial matches.
But at the end of the show this was spoken and it is what i would love to think the warriors go by.

Maybe this should be on the walls of the Warriors gym .

The preseason 4 months of hard work and grind where the body is ground down only to be built back up bigger faster stronger with the strength of the mind and will is tested.

strength and growth come only thru continuous effort and struggle. Were only the committed, motivated and determined can push past the pain barrier, these are the moments when a player's true character is revealed. No Shortcuts no excuses only the desire to work hard for yourself, for your mate, for your team, for your community and for your region, to go into battle and face your opposition, the will to win and the will to Excel, these are the things that endure and these are the qualities that last, these are the moments you live for............. the preseason
This I find interesting....

2 different approaches to the final weekend before the season starts. The Dragons are playing a trial against a QLD cup side and look to have a number of their top players involved. The Warriors obviously have the weekend off as have just seen a photo of Shaun Johnson in a spa pool down in Queenstown with his Mrs.

Obviously the Dragons are risking injuries...but on the other hand have more game time leading into the season.

After last weekends trial result, you would think it was the warriors that need more game time with each other.
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After last weekends trial result, you would think it was the warriors that need more game time with each other.
Fair comment IMO.

However the bookies seem very confident about the Warriors so I wonder whether they have actually been training well, they do look ripped after all, and they just were not concerned about Nelson. I say that to try and overcome my logic that last weeks performance was that of wooden spooners.