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Titans have named a team with only 2 first graders..

Ali Grant (Tweed), Blake Anderson (Tweed), Jarrod Tua (Burleigh), Connor Broadhurst, Tyronne Roberts-Davis (NYC), Jamal Fogarty (Burleigh Heads), Sam Irwin (Tweed), Kurt Bernard (NYC), Pat Politoni (Burleigh), David Hala, Matt Robinson, Morgan Boyle (NYC), Sam Saville (Tweed), Luke Page (Burleigh), Jed Cartwright, Daniel Schwass (Burleigh), Dane Clark (Tweed), Will Bugden (Tweed), Hayden Schwass (Burleigh), Sam Meskell (Tweed).

Gotta agree with Jordan G, can't see them risking our stars with huge minutes against this lot.
Any details on this???

5:30pm NZT on Saturday 13 February

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Strangely the titans have 2 trials this weekend, most of their top team is playing the eels in alice springs and on top of that, they have 4 players in the all stars game.

What do they get out of sending 20 blokes who are barely even depth players over to whangarei?
They can’t even really use it to sort out a reserve grade team as they split their depth between at least 2 different QLD cup teams.

Almost doing the warriors a favour by coming over for this game.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
Sweet. Was keen to go to the trial but got no sober driver as theres a birthday on that day and most the boys are tied up. Next best thing I suppose...
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Luke to make Warriors debut


New signign Issac Luke, veteran winger Manu Vatuvei and second-rower Ben Henry headline the Warriors' squad for Saturday's NRL trial against Gold Coast at Whangarei's Toll Stadium, kicking off at 5.30pm local time.

After missing the Downer NRL Auckland Nines, Kiwi hooker Luke will make his first appearance for the club since being signed from South Sydney.

Meanwhile Vatuvei will return from off-season shoulder surgery and Hunt will make his comeback from his second serious knee injury in as many years.

Read the full story at

Warriors trial team to face Titans:
1. Tomas Aoake
2. Ken Maumalo
3. Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad
4. Matt Allwood
5. Manu Vatuvei
6. Ata Hingano
7. Erin Clark
8. Albert Vete
9. Issac Luke
10. Charlie Gubb
11. Raymond Faitala-Mariner
12. Ben Henry
13. Ligi Sao
14. Viliami Kaveinga
15. James Gavet
16. Upu Poching
17. Ofahiki Ogden
18. Jazz Tevaga
19. Bunty Afoa
20. Marata Niukore
21. Kane Telea
22. Semisi Tyrell


Actual player numbers and names...

Vodafone Warriors

1 Tomas Aoake

2 Manu Vatuvei

3 Matt Allwood

5 Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad

4 Ken Maumalo

18 Ata Hingano

21 Erin Clark

8 Albert Vete

9 Issac Luke

10 Charlie Gubb

13 Raymond Faitala-Mariner

11 Ben Henry

14 Ligi Sao


15 Upu Poching

16 James Gavet

22 Jazz Tevaga

23 Semisi Tyrell

24 Ofahiki Ogden

25 Bunty Afoa

26 Viliami Kaveinga

28 Marata Niukore

30 Kane Telea
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Why the heck would a team play 2 trials, in different countries, on one weekend?

What on earth do you expect to get out of that...

I know that we sometimes send teams lacking in FGers, as every team does for the first trial or two - but that squad is... not great.

Not sure how much we'd could expect to get out of this trial, other than a fitness test for Isaac, Manu and Benry.
From the looks of that Titans team, Whangarei could rightly claim after Saturday that they still haven't seen a full NRL trial yet. It looks like an Intrust Super Cup team in all but name. At least a good half of our side have got some NRL miles on them (even if, like Upu, that was only 1 interchange appearance way back in 2009!)
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Look forward to watching our newbies take the field.
I hope Allwood give Cappy selection headaches. He was good when given an opportunity.

Young Ogden is of interest for me.
He is a terror out wide, needs to tidy a few things up.
But that ability to bend, bust and break has to have eyes watching him.
He is like a Guttenbiel / fai in one.
For all those Northland forum members, the Warriors are holding an open training session at 4PM this afternoon @ Toll Stadium, Whangarei.

Sorry, tried to post a FB link or Warriors website link and for some reason can't.
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game on. pissed road trip leaving in 1.5 hours. I agreed with a mate I'd drive up and he can drive back. I've got family in Whangarei, so we're going to aim to get there about 1ish, have a BBQ and get on the beers (well except my mate who's driving back via multiple pubs), then head on over to Toll Stadium.

Not expecting much in terms of a display given the teams named, but the league's back!
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