General 2016 Are We Going To Make The 8?

Are we going to make the Top 8?

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Too far out to know. A couple key injuries and we wont stand a chance. If I had to say yes or no based on the first 7 rounds it would have to be no...


Too far out to know. A couple key injuries and we wont stand a chance. If I had to say yes or no based on the first 7 rounds it would have to be no...
The bookies still have us in the eight. Points differential has us out, so far. If the bookies are right we have some big wins coming.


Round 8 No
Round 9 Yes
Round 10 No
Round 11 Yes
Round 12 No
Round 13 Yes
Round 14 No
Round 15 Yes
Round 16 No
Round 17 Yes
Round 18 No
Round 19 Yes
Round 20 No
Round 21 Yes
Round 22 No
Round 23 Yes
Round 24 No
Round 25 Yes
Round 26 No

That won't get us in, thanks.


Yes, if the eels get hammered and stripped like 10 points. Otherwise we still look like 9th place, close, but not really.
I would not be surprised to see them docked only four points. Any more than that and the referees will get the nod to help them out.
Manly Loss
Dragons Loss
Cows in Townsville Loss.

The rest is open slather dependent (all things being equal on one thing)

Sort the left edge defence out.

The right is playing at top four range.

The Middle is playing at lower eight range.

Sort the left (looking like we need to change some players over there or die).

One of the things that has interested me about that side of the park.....has been the continued horrible defence while Manu is out.

That's why I recon Kata is out of his depth there.

While he has been doing a lot of good stuff, the Warriors can't afford the luxury of bringing on a rookie center who's strong point is their try scoring strike rate.

We already have a permanent fixture on that wing who is not going to get dropped in lieu of Katas try scoring feats.....and as I've ranted before.....with Manu out that edge still is the gateway to defeating the Warriors.

It might not be fair on Kata....but they are not going to drop the Captain from that edge either.....nor are they going to exclude Roger Tuivasa-Sheck....even tho his D is worse than Tomkin's.

To win this season, they either do the unlikely and swap Hoffman out....give up on the idea Tommy will find new lateral movement.....keep Wright there to insulate Kara more.....or they swap Roger Tuivasa-Sheck out of fb and experiment with the untried yet promising defensive reader in Wells at FB (barely worth wasting time typing this idea).

Hell even I got lost coming up with all those permeations and its my post lol.

What I would try were I king for a day:

Hoffman to the middle at 13 (fullah can run and can tackle front on).

5. Kata
4. Allwood
12. Mannering

15. Manu Prop
16. Lillyman
17. Vete (Prop /backrow interchange). I would aim to use Vete at 13 as a point of difference to Hoffman (short explosive bursts should do it) TL , Luke and Mannering to share leadership of the side when Hoffman's off.

Let's face it Many would be infinitely superior to Hurrell off the bench and quite possibly end up putting Mutts and Lillyman to shame.

18. Wells.....start running him with the NRL side as competition for Fusitua and Kata.....and an understudy for Fb to keep Tui at six should Roger Tuivasa-Sheck be out.
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Well, if you define "Make The 8" as "8 Players Out For 2016" we're 25% there.

We've still got a pretty good spine - okay both TLs are out of position but neither of them are stoopid.

Isaac Shaun and Tui should be wrapped in cotton wool when they're not playing. Do not want to hear "Warriors player breaks down in training and is out for season" stories.
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According to Joey Johns we won't make top eight now Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has sustained season ending injury in Wellington.

Personally speaking I'm inclined to agree with him and with our last game of season this year being against Eels it could be a winner take all, battle for wooden spoon, especially if they are docked large amount points for salary cap breeches like some pundits predict. It will be kind ironic too if that happens considering we were only both in final of this year Auckland Nines :(

Edit : In other news Matty Jones has gone against his own brother saying losing Roger Tuivasa-Sheck could be the spark NZ Warriors needed ...
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If it was Johnson again, I'd agree.

But Roger? Sure he's one of the best fullbacks in the game, but I think Tui can sub in well there and play the playmaker role he would have in the halves. Roger is nowhere near as crucial to our success as Johnson is.

If we don't do well this year it's because we were shit regardless of Roger getting injured. Huge loss, but I won't accept it as an excuse.
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