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Henry Perenara's most infamous moment happened in September 2013 when he and Matt Cecchin allowed the Cronulla Sharks 7 tackle try to happen during the play offs. All six officials in that game were stood down and it some time for Henry to get off the naughty step.

He's been given the reigns for the NRL All Star vs NRL Indigenous game so I think all has been forgiven. By the NRL at least.

He was pretty "infamous" when we played Australia at Wembley in 2013.


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86 Kevin Campion - Business Development Manager, Queensland, Australia. Link
Campion is still a Business Development Manager with IDENTIFY Group and CLEANCOM Services. His LinedIn profile pretty much sums both companies up.


For more info on IDENTIFY Group go to their website...


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87 Richard Villasanti - Licensed Plumber in Canberra. Link
Got nothing new on Villa. This is the article I got the last status from. Will post the whole article as its an interesting yet sad read...

Villain Villasanti mulls moment that went wrong
Date March 31, 2012

A decade on … Anthony Minichiello and Richard Villasanti recall moments of the 2002 grand final yesterday at Bondi. Photo: Domino Postiglione

RICHARD VILLASANTI doesn't need a replay to recall the key moments of the 2002 grand final. He can't remember much of the game, and hasn't watched it since, but he can remember hitting Brad Fittler - and the retribution that followed.

''I was placed on my back twice - by Moz [Adrian Morley] and Peter Cusack,'' Villasanti said.

Villasanti has been painted as the villain of the grand final of that season, when his Warriors played the Sydney Roosters. He rolled the dice and hit Fittler, the key Roosters playmaker, hoping to rattle the five-eighth and in turn the side. The opposite occurred.

The head-first hit, which left Fittler bloodied and bandaged, steeled the Roosters, who ultimately won 30-8. ''After that incident,'' he says, ''they stepped up a few gears; we couldn't keep up.''

He recalled of the incident: ''I remember one of my teammates, Wairangi Koopu, charged Freddie's kick, and the ball then bounced to Freddie. I saw an opportunity and I took it. As I said back then, I was playing to the whistle.

''It was one of those things, which can go either way. It could fire your team up or fire the other team up. When it occurred, everyone was pushing and shoving. I thought our boys were about to step up. It either goes for you, or against you.''

The Herald this week found Villasanti, now a licensed plumber in Canberra, before the Roosters' clash with the Warriors. A grand final this ain't, but because of the Heritage Round, the 2002 decider is being celebrated - or commiserated. ''I was out there to do my job,'' Villasanti said. ''The single talking point in the game was that incident, and how it did turn the game. But I hold no grudges. It's something that I'm not upset in talking about. But I don't really want to bring old memories up.''

He wouldn't swap the infamy, though. ''There are a lot of players who played for 10 or 15 years who never got the chance to play in a grand final,'' he said.

One of the players who played that night, Anthony Minichiello, has played in five grand finals. That win against the Warriors has been his only victory. Tonight, he will play at fullback for the Roosters, as the sole surviving player from that game.

Minichiello said Villasanti's hit was ''definitely the turning point in the game for us''.

''From that point on our intensity lifted and we went on to score a couple more tries,'' he said.

Villasanti said he would attend tonight's match, at Allianz Stadium, and would be cheering on the Warriors. ''I've still got a lot of friends in New Zealand,'' he said. But he will probably look away when the highlights packages from 2002 are shown; the night when he became part of league folklore by bending the law.

''Ten years is a long time,'' Villasanti said. ''But I don't think it's about getting up the courage. I don't want to go through that feeling again. I knew when they were so far ahead towards the end of the game that we couldn't win, but when you're playing, the feeling doesn't really hit you until you hear the siren. I'll give it another quarter of a century before I watch it again.''
Still nothing on Jonathan. No idea what he's up to.

I actually met him by chance at the Auckland 9s last year. Happened to see that he was wearing a player issue 1998 Warriors jersey. I approached him and his mates and asked him about it. He tried to bluff me and say he got it done himself and I told him that only the player jerseys had the blue square on the back so the number stood out more (I know. Im a jersey whoring nerd!). He was surprised that I called him out and asked how I knew. I pulled out my phone and showed him a picture of my collection. He then literally took the shirt off his back and gave it to me. Such an awesome moment.

His mates would later tell me he actually played for the Warriors. A claim he would deny.

I would later find out through research that the jersey he gave me was rare as it was only used during the 1998 trial games. Come Round 1 the Warriors would sport new sleeve sponsor BarterCard. That also explained why the jersey didnt have an NRL badge.

Of all the players on this thread he is the one I would most like to catch up with as I owe him a few beers. Youre the man Jon...
Great story. You are the only guy I know of that can pick out the differences between two jerseys that look exactly the same. Like 1994/1995 or through a jersey design cycle 2012 - 2014. He had no chance trying to trick you.

Warrior number 79 Ben Lythe built my deck and half a fence. The reason why I said half a fence is no fault of his; we had to clear out some trees etc for them to come back in finish. This was back in 2010, couldn't get a hold of him or the other guy he was working with at Decked out to come back and finish. The guy he was working with was talking about builders and the Christchurch rebuild.

I didn't know about his past with the Warriors until I saw his name mentioned in an article on Stuff. Hey that guys at my place building my deck.

Not surprised on the personal training he seemed to be in good shape.
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88 Justin Morgan - NRL Melbourne Storm Assistant Coach. Former ESL Hull FC head coach.
UPDATE 04/10/15


"We need to be aggressive" Morgan
Wed 4th November, 04:29PM
Vodafone Warriors TV caught up with new assistant coach and Vodafone Warrior #88 Justin Morgan during the first week into preseason training. Morgan shared his thoughts on improving the squad's defence, highlighting attitude, aggression and communication as the key areas.

"You have to have a great attitude, that's the key. You can have a great system but your attitude needs to be right," Morgan said.

"We need to be aggressive, that’s important. Good defensive teams are aggressive," he added.

The above status is current. Has done a good apprenticeship and no doubt we will see Morgs in charge of his own NRL team one day...

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Warrior number 79 Ben Lythe built my deck and half a fence. The reason why I said half a fence is no fault of his; we had to clear out some trees etc for them to come back in finish. This was back in 2010, couldn't get a hold of him or the other guy he was working with at Decked out to come back and finish. The guy he was working with was talking about builders and the Christchurch rebuild.

I didn't know about his past with the Warriors until I saw his name mentioned in an article on Stuff. Hey that guys at my place building my deck.

Not surprised on the personal training he seemed to be in good shape.

Thanks for the great tip. Was able to find this on No Cowboys website.


Checked the company register and the company is still active so this must be his bread and butter job and he must do the fitness thing on the side.

Thanks again snake77 snake77...

Read more:


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90 Motu Tony - ESL Hull FC Football Manager. Link

UPDATE 04/10/15

League: Motu Tony finds a home in Hull
8:12 PM Tuesday Nov 3, 2015


Motu Tony with the Kiwis in 2005. Photo / File

Some Kiwi league players come to the Northern Hemisphere for a season or two, others may stay four or five years. Former Warrior Motu Tony came to England more than a decade ago and is still here.

And - in a twist on Victor Kiam and that famous Remington Shaver commercial ("I liked it so much I bought the company") - Tony loved Hull so much he is now running the club.

More or less, anyway. Tony, who spent five seasons at the KC Stadium between 2005 and 2009, returned to the club in 2013 in an administration role and is now the general manager of football at Hull FC "looking after everything on the football side of things".

It's been a steep rise. Tony is only 34, young enough to be playing and not much older than some of the players in the squad. What makes the story a little more unlikely is the perception of Hull.

Stuck on the north-east coast - "look for nowhere on a map and Hull is somewhere near the middle," coined one writer - it has regularly been voted one of, if not the worst, place to live in England.

Not for Tony.

"I love the place," he said. "It reminds me of New Zealand, particularly South Auckland.

The people here are just the same. They love their [league], are honest and hard working people. That's why I have found it so easy to settle."

Tony's affection for the city is also enhanced by his experiences here. He was part of the 2005 Challenge Cup winning team who beat Leeds in one of the best finals of all time and brought the trophy back to Hull for just the third time in 100 years. Tony scored a try and played alongside Richard Swain and Stephen Kearney in that match.

It's always been a natural home for Kiwis, ever since James Leuluai, Gary Kemble and Dane O'Hara arrived in the early 1980s. Next season Frank Pritchard and Sika Manu are among the latest recruits from Down Under.

"A lot of the Kiwis who have come to Hull have an affinity for the place," said Tony. "Richie Barnett recalls the fond memories here. There is a collection of Kiwis [who] have come to Hull and set up shop here."

Tony's focus at the moment is to rebuild the club's culture, a goal that is eerily similar to the Warriors aspirations.

"We are trying to change the culture because our young players, once they have played for Hull, think they have made it," said Tony. "We want them to play for England, play Challenge Cup and Super League finals and also maybe go to the NRL. So let's get Sika Manu who was at Melbourne when they started their cultural change because he knows what it takes to do what we are trying to do."

It's an ongoing battle to get the right talent, at the right balance. The club has had marquee names in the past - think Kearney, Mark O'Meely, Matt Sing and Craig Fitzgibbon - but competing with NRL cheque books, as well as Japanese and European rugby offers, is a constant challenge.

"It's hard but we know what our market is - guys who have done the NRL thing," said Tony. "And there is no better place to work or travel, [or gain] life experiences."

Tony was once an NRL prodigy. As a 21-year-old he was the starting five eight in the 2002 grand final, and a year later part of the Warriors squad that reached the preliminary final. A switch to the Broncos followed, before he joined Hull midway through the 2004 season.

"I've got no regrets," said Tony "Kids these days have five years in a fulltime environment. I had three months pre-season then I was playing for the Warriors. It wasn't until I came to England that I felt mature enough as a player."

Three of his children have been born in England and he completed an MBA at Huddersfield University in 2014. Tony will return to New Zealand one day, but has yet to put a finish date on his work with the (other) black and whites.

"I've got a job here to do," said Tony. "I want to win here and then who knows what the next step is...maybe after the [2017] World Cup."

- By Michael Burgess in Hull

Now the Hull FC General Manager. Motu graduated last year with a Masters Degree in Business Administration...

Hull FC: Masters degree for Motu Tony shows 'Rugby League Cares'
By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: July 16, 2014


ACHIEVEMENT: Hull FC director of football Motu Tony has gained a Masters Degree in Business Administration with the support of the Rugby League Cares charity

Hull FC director of football Motu Tony has thanked the support of the Rugby League Cares charity as he prepares to graduate this week.

The former Hull star and New Zealand international is to graduate from Huddersfield University with a Master's Degree in Business Administration after receiving a grant from the charity.

Tony, who retired from playing in 2012 and took up his role at the Black and Whites last year, is the latest individual to benefit from the charity dedicated to supporting the rugby league family and its local communities.

Having applied for the grant soon after hanging up his boots, he realised the Master of Business Administration course at Huddersfield University would allow him to fulfill his ambition to remain involved with the game, but in an administrative capacity

"I realised quite early on that I didn't want to go into coaching and that the administration side interested me more," said Tony.

"I knew I wanted to go to University and I picked Huddersfield as the course was prestigious and well-recognised people who hold this qualification take senior management and chief executive roles at companies.

"I can't thank Rugby League Cares enough for their help, they have enabled me to better myself and they've been fantastic.

"I know the game very well from playing for so many years and the skills I learnt from playing have helped me.

"It was difficult working and being a full-time student but Huddersfield is the birthplace of rugby league so what better place to do it."

Tony will graduate tomorrow and, having completed the course in February, is looking forward to the ceremony after all his hard work.

Chris Rostron, General Manager at Rugby League Cares, said: "Motu gaining the Masters Degree is a fantastic example of us being able to support a former player to gain qualifications and build a future career for himself."
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93 Iafeta Paleaaesina - Playing for Hull FC
Signed on for the 2015 season with Hull FC where his boss is former Warrior #90 Motu Tony. Featured in the clubs jersey release and jersey ad campaign for the 2015 kits.



Heres a recent article just published yesterday from the Hull FC official website.


By Tom Stewart | 08/01/2015

With the hard graft of pre-season now under the belts of the first team, Black and Whites star Feka Paleaaesina warns he’s even hungrier to make his mark starting with Sunday’s double header in Doncaster.

Just 31 days and four exciting pre-season encounters now separate the first team from their opening Super League showdown with the Huddersfield Giants at the John Smith’s Stadium on February 8th, and the 32-year old admits he’s bubbling with anticipation.

Having only joined the Airlie Birds at this stage last year, the former New Zealand international is excited at the prospect of continuing his devastating form in Black and White for a second season, he said, “I really enjoyed my rugby last year but I want to improve on that so it’s going to be an interesting campaign.

“I thought out of all the signings last year I was the one that had to prove myself to the club as well as the fans in order to repay the faith Hull had shown in signing me.

“That’s what I’m aiming to build on this year but make no mistake the competition amongst the squad especially between the props is massive and I’m fighting for my spot as hard as I can.

“Sunday’s double header is a chance to show case that and I’m really excited about what’s in store, I’m enjoying training and I love being here. “

Paleaaesina continued, “Although it is great to win, the matches aren’t really about the results but more putting into practice the plays and work we have done during the last three months.

“I’m sure the coaches will look at playing some people in all sorts of positions to see what they have, but the main thing is that we get ourselves ready for that first competitive match against Huddersfield.”


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Here you go hman hman
94 Anthony Seu Seu - Working in Telecommunication Industry in Auckland, NZ. Link
Anthony is doing Corporate Sales at Digital Island.


Found this on on the Digital Island Facebook page...

Also found this testimonial for fitness company Physical Impact...

Bucket list fitness goals 2013 – Body Building Competition | Tick
September 4, 2013

I was introduced to Strini and Ruth in 2011 by my wife when I was looking for a way to get into shape. What made Strini stand out to me when I first met him was his passion for life. His enthusiasm and positive attitude was infectious and empowering. Over the next 3 years my relationship with Strini and Ruth went from client/trainer to friends and has grown to the point where I now consider them just like family. This bond has been built on trust, transparency, honesty and there ability to push you to your boundaries so that you not only reach your physical goals but you become a stronger person.

In 2011 I made a conscious decision to make a lifestyle change as I was close to 130kg and was told by my doctor that if I didn’t do this he would need to give me pills for High blood pressure. As a former professional sportsman and only 34 years old I was embarrassed. I decided to make the change and created a bucket list of fitness goals to train for. For 2011 I joined an MMA gym where I met Ruth and Strini who were part of the management and training team. In 2012 I trained for and completed my first ever half marathon. In 2013 I set the bar higher and decided to do a body building competition. I knew that there was only one team that could help me achieve this. I approached Ruth and Strini and asked them to help me achieve this goal. In 14 weeks they worked alongside me to achieve my goal. Strini made sure my training was varied, structured and challenging. Ruth help me with my nutrition teaching me about what to eat and how to eat. Together they held me accountable and made sure I stayed on track. On August 24 I stepped on stage and completed my bucket list fitness goal 2013, of doing a body building competition. I was around 93KG and 9% body fat. I was in the best shape of my life. I could not have achieved this without the help of Ruth and Strini. Their expertise, honesty, encouragement and compassion set me up for success.
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Henry Perenara's most infamous moment happened in September 2013 when he and Matt Cecchin allowed the Cronulla Sharks 7 tackle try to happen during the play offs. All six officials in that game were stood down and it some time for Henry to get off the naughty step.
He's been given the reigns for the NRL All Star vs NRL Indigenous game so I think all has been forgiven. By the NRL at least.​
Personally I think hes one of the best refs in the NRL, Checchin was the man in control of the ruck when the count went wrong, Im not sure if both refs track the tackle count, I guess they will after that.

There are a lot more refs worse than Perenara​
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UPDATE 07/06/15

Account manager at Zodiac Group Australia. Zodiac supply swimming pool supplies including cleaners, filters, chemicals, etc...




Saw John Carlaw last year in the Mad Butchers Lounge and he was saying he was doing medical supplies sales. Cant find anything on the net though.

This is the most recent pic I could find from December 2014 on holiday in El Salvador...



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96 PJ Marsh - Played for 2013 Barcaldine Tigers, Queensland.
Thank you Brisbane Broncos for doing the work for me...

Where Are They Now? PJ Marsh
Sat 5th July, 02:46PM

Date of birth: 19 February 1980

Years played for the Broncos: 2008-09

Positions played during Broncos career: Hooker, halfback

What are you doing these days for work: I work for AngloAmerican as a drill operator in an open cut mine.

Favourite Broncos memory from your playing days: Don’t have a single memory but playing for the Broncos in general, especially alongside Darren Lockyer.

Prediction for the Broncos this season: We should hopefully start to come good now that Origin is over and we are getting a few players back from injury. I’m hoping for a top four finish.

Which player has impressed you the most this season: Ben Hunt, he has been on fire.


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97 Brent Webb - ESL Catalans Dragons
UPDATE 29/07/15

Brent Webb and his wife has opened a new cafe in Auckland...

View attachment 14946
Webby is back in NZ after being forced to retire from league. Lives in St Heliers. Saw him in the Mad Butchers Lounge at the 2014 Round 24 Roosters game last year. He was also playing Over 35 Blockhouse Bay touch comp...

Brent Webb forced to retire from rugby league

GAME OVER: Brent Webb in action for the Warriors back in 2006.

Former New Zealand Warriors and Kiwis fullback Brent Webb has been forced into retirement due to chronic back injury.

The 34-year-old Australian, who played 103 games for the Warriors between 2003-06, earned 17 caps for the Kiwis after qualifying for New Zealand on residency grounds in 2004.

Webb established himself in the Warriors' starting line-up in 2003 following the departure of Ivan Cleary, and was a popular members of Super League club Leeds, where he made 159 appearances from 2007-12.

He transferred to French club Catalan Dragons last year but only managed 10 games due to injury.
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98 Sione Faumuina - Working as an Electrical Apprentice in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. Link
Thanks to Ever Hopeful Ever Hopeful for the tip on this one.

Sione has opened a laundromat in Springfield, Queensland, Australia. Still working as an Electrician in Gladstone...

NRL star's dirty business
Peter Foley | 27th Sep 2014 6:00 AM

CLEANING UP: Former NRL star Sione Faumuina has opened a new business in Springfield, the Springfield Serviced Laundromat. INGA WILLIAMS

NRL star Sione Faumuina has left behind his days on the football field to start up his own business by officially opening the Springfield Serviced Laundromat.

The former Canberra Raiders and New Zealand Warriors player said the business idea came to him after his own washing machine called it quits.

"When my washing machine broke, I couldn't believe the nearest Laundromat was in Redbank," he said.

"It was at least a 20 minute drive, and it was always busy.

"But as fate would have it, when I was driving back from the Redbank Laundromat one day, I saw some empty shops in Springfield and started researching what it would take to open one up here."

After months of research and finding the perfect location, Mr Faumuina said he was proud and excited to see his new store open to the public.

His Laundromat features six nine kilo front loader washing machines, one 18 kilo washing machine and three 13 kilo double stack driers.

"Being Springfield's first laundromat, I wanted it to stand out," Mr Faumuina said.

Working as an electrician in Gladstone, Mr Faumuina said his partner would operate the business while he was away, but he would take the reins when he came back to Ipswich.

"Ipswich is a great area and I am very proud to call it home," he said.

Mr Faumuina will be at the Laundromat today for his official grand opening, where he will be offering free washes and a sausage sizzle.

The Laundromat is located at 4/28 Commercial Dr, Springfield.