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73 Ivan Cleary - NRL Penrith Panthers head coach
Cleary won the Dally M Coach of the Year for 2014.

Heres his analysis of the 2014 season and his expectations for the coming year...

NRL season 2015: Ivan Cleary reviews Panthers’ 2014 and outlines expectations for the new year
JANUARY 05, 2015 6:46AM

Ivan Cleary is looking forward to the 2015 season after a breakout campaign last year for the Panthers.

THERE was a time not so long ago Penrith fans wanted to run Ivan Cleary out of town.

Today Cleary can’t imagine ever leaving the club, saying he feels at home at the foot of the mountains.

Ahead of their return to training today, the Dally M coach of the year took time out to review the season just gone, and outline his expectations for the new year.

Cleary spoke about why he believes Matt Moylan will come back even better in 2015 — and nominated two young guns who could emerge as the NRL’s next big things.

As for his own future, Cleary still has two years to run on his contract but said: “To answer your question, I am not seeing an end point.”


In his first couple of years at Penrith, Cleary admitted the club was somewhat disconnected from the community because of massive changes he implemented.

Many fans were struggling to understand why he would let go of home grown heroes like Luke Lewis and Michael Jennings.

But this year Cleary felt the community’s spirit return in their football team.

“You could definitely feel that our connection was getting stronger,” he said. “That is one of the highlights of the year for me, that you could feel that connection again.

“And I hope they are looking forward to a new season with a bit of optimism.


Ivan Cleary: “You could definitely feel that our connection was getting stronger.”

“They have got a football team that they can be proud of once more and it is our job to make sure that it is something they can always be proud of.

“It is not just about next year or the year after. We are looking long term and making sure that we are something that the community cannot only be part of but be proud of.”

And Cleary wants to be a part of that success, long term.

“It is a long way from where I grew up (on Sydney’s northern beaches) and I never really envisaged that I’d live out here,” he said.

“But I am out here now and sitting at the foot of the mountains, it is pretty easy to be honest.

“I lived in Auckland for 10 years, so I can handle the different weather. And I enjoy the people. The people are easy going.

“One thing that stuck with me early on when I was considering coming here was what Freddy Fittler said to me.

“Freddy said it had been a long time since he lived out here but the best friends he’s ever had are the ones that he made out here. Freddy is a pretty cosmopolitan guy and for him to say that, I thought that was a fair statement.”


From nowhere Moylan emerge like a thunderbolt in 2014 — and the good news for Penrith fans is that their excitement machine can’t wait for 2015 to kick off.

After his breakout year which ended with a spot in Australia’s Four Nations squad, Moylan didn’t end up playing for the Kangaroos.

But Cleary says the experience has inspired the young fullback.

“He isn’t back training yet but he is hanging around,” Cleary said.

“I am actually trying to keep him away because he played every game last year, so it is important that he gives himself a bit of a break


Matt Moylan scores a try against the Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium.

“He has got that look about him because he is bored which is good. But I have said go and do something but go and do something else.

“He is a great kid. The only change in him is that he has just developed. It certainly hasn’t changed him as a person.

“I am sure he is getting a lot more attention but he seems to take that in his stride.

“I think that is one of the things you see on the field, pressure doesn’t concern or it certainly doesn’t affect him negatively, positively if anything.

“He just seems to take things in his stride.

“He has come off that Four Nations where he didn’t get a game but I think that has lit the fire a bit.

“I am sure he will take that with him and hopefully he will get better again next year.”


After bowing out in the grand final qualifier to the Bulldogs, Cleary said at the time “it’s just not quite our time yet”.

So will 2015 be the Panthers’ time?

“I’m not sure it is our time yet but we are getting closer,” Cleary laughed.

“I think we should start this year feeling like we are further ahead. Having said that, everyone starts on level ground.

“It is not always a matter of looking back and saying, ‘oh well, we finished fourth last year’. It is important for us to build on what we achieved last year.”

But he agreed the big thing they take with them is self-belief.

“You are spot on about the belief,” he said. That is the biggest thing we can take in benchmarking if you like in terms of our goals.

“Belief is one of those things that is either there or it is not. I think it has opened our eyes up a bit to what we can achieve so that is definitely a positive.”


For all the injuries this past season, Cleary believes the club will now benefit.

Souths’ rookie hooker Api Koroisau is the only new signing. But coming back from surgery is the cavalry.


Api Koroisau is the sole new recruit for Penrith ahead of the 2015 season.

“Wallace, Taylor, Cartwright, Peachey all had surgery,” Cleary said.

“Post season Will Smith, McKendry, Isaah Yeo, Nigel Plum, James Segeyaro, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak. Josh Mansour now as well. Jamie Soward had an ankle op. There is probably a few more I missed.

“Our pre season is definitely a challenge but as a coaching staff we have to make that work for us and that we are prepared once the season kicks off.

“And I think the injuries we got last year, the benefit out of that is that our depth is now probably better than it has ever been, certainly in the last three years.

“And it is real depth. There is going to be a lot of competition for spots and in such a long season I think we are in a pleasing position to be able to cover most positions throughout the year.

“We were not a side filling the rep teams up throughout the year. We got some guys in the post season rep squads and they were thoroughly deserved.

“But the reality is those teams were affected significantly by injuries as well, so I still wouldn’t call us a star-studded side.

“Which means, it’s a reality, there are not a lot of guaranteed positions in our team. Competition is healthy and I think it is vital in the NRL these days.”

And Cleary nominated young Bryce Cartwright and Isaah Yeo as two players fans should be looking out for.

“I think the sky is the limit for Isaah. I think he is going to be a stalwart out here at the Panthers for a long time to come. He is a good one,” Cleary said.

“And you could put Bryce in the same category.”


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75 Scott Coxon - living back in Newcastle, NSW.
UPDATE 06/09/15

Working at an aluminium smelter in Newcastle.

Think hes working as a mechanic in Newcastle, NSW...

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76 Mark Tookey - Souths Logan and Raiders development official (Link) and coach of the Queensland U16 team. Link
Tooks is quite a busy man these days. Runs boot camp in Crestmead.
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Just completed his first Triathlon in October last year.

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All that and he's still involved with the Canberra Raiders as a Development Officer...

Canberra Raiders consider fighting for Logan nursery following loss of Souths Logan Magpies
October 25, 2014 3:00am
Tom Boswell Quest Newspapers

Canberra Raiders recruitment officer Mark Tookey.

THE CANBERRA Raiders have not given up the fight for one of Australia’s greatest rugby league nurseries despite the loss of feeder club Souths Logan Magpies to rivals Brisbane Broncos.

The footprint from the green machine may have been wash away in Logan but the club is considering retaining its top Queensland gun recruitment officer Mark Tookey to continue to unearth talent.

Tookey spotted the likes of Anthony Milford, Josh Papalii and rising Toyota Cup forward Patrick Mago.
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78 Paul Whatuira - Union Briars Rugby Club Strength, Fitness and Conditioning coach. Sydney, Australia Link
Link has him still at Briars and his LinkedIn page has him as a personal trainer with his own company but none of the links work, his website is down and the Facebook page for PKW Fitness has no photos or posts at all.

Paul is one of the 3 people on the NRL judiciary panel...

Qld furious over Reynolds' let off
By James MacSmith


It's time to get off Brent Tate's back for airing his concerns about the dangerous lifting tackle he was the victim of in Origin I. Credit: Grant Trouville. Copyright: NRL Photos.

Queensland are furious after the NRL judiciary ruled NSW five-eighth Josh Reynolds won't serve any ban for his controversial tackle on Morons winger Brent Tate in Wednesday's Origin opener.

The backlash north of the Tweed was palpable on Friday, the morning after judiciary panel members Sean Garlick, Mick Vella and Paul Whatuira took under 10 minutes to decide Reynolds' fate and downgrade his grade two dangerous throw charge.

Reynolds was hit with 93 penalty points after his early guilty plea which means he won't even sit out an NRL game, with 100 points equalling a one-match ban.

Newcastle back-rower Beau Scott also escaped without a stint on the sidelines for his role in first half tackle on Tate in NSW's 12-8 win.

The decision has left the NRL's crackdown on lifting tackles in tatters and the Queensland camp reacted with fury and confusion.

Back-rower Ben Te'o labelled the first half tackle on Tate, who has struggled with neck injuries through his career as "crazy".

Queensland Rugby League managing director Rob Moore expressing his bewilderment at the decision, while Tate's NRL coach North Queensland mentor and former Queensland halfback Paul Green attacked the consistency of the NRL's match review panel and judiciary.

From the Morons bench Te'o had front row seats to the incident.

"Sitting there on the sideline that was crazy, he picked him up, flipped him ... I can't believe that he got off," Te'o told AAP.

"The message that it sends is that you can flip someone and not miss a week.

"We have talked about player safety and what happens if Tatey lands on his neck?

"What is to stop someone else flipping someone now, there is no deterrent there.

"For the dangerous position he put Tatey in there and for him not to miss an Origin or anything I think it is crazy."

Te'o said he was happy Tate was fine but attacked Reynolds' intent in making the tackle.

"When I saw it I just thought to myself 'Oh he is gone, he is going to get some weeks for that because that was very, very dangerous," Te'o said.

"I don't think he had too much concern for Tatey's well being the way he lifted him and let him go.

"He didn't really have concern about where he was going to land and that is the dangerous thing when you lift someone and let them go like that, who knows where they are going to land.

"The best thing is that Tatey was OK."

Moore's statement read: "We fully understand the current backlash from both well respected judges and in particular Morons supporters.

"The QRL believe the initial finding from the NRL Match Committee was correct and consistent with similar tackles in the game at present.

"However, we accept there is a process for all of these controversial matters. Whilst we don't agree with the final outcome, we will accept the decision."

Reynolds initially faced a two-game ban which would have ruled him out of Origin II.

Green questioned the game's credibility.

"Given that the guys involved in that tackle in the Origin game don't even miss a game, it's just a joke," Green said.

"The NRL want to make the game as safe as possible but then this happens, they take a couple of steps backwards in terms of the credibility of the judiciary system."


Just completed his first Triathlon in October last year.
When you posted Mark Tookey running boot camps I was like WTF:eek:. Getting fit enough to do a triathlon that's awseome.

Good to see what all of the ex players are up to when they finish playing and leave the spotlight. A lot of them have gone on to some interesting and varied careers.

Keep up the good work; appreciate this takes a lot of effort.
Wigan Warrior

Wigan Warrior

When you posted Mark Tookey running boot camps I was like WTF:eek:. Getting fit enough to do a triathlon that's awseome.

Good to see what all of the ex players are up to when they finish playing and leave the spotlight. A lot of them have gone on to some interesting and varied careers.

Keep up the good work; appreciate this takes a lot of effort.

He's probably fitter now than when he played.
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79 Ben Lythe - Personal trainer at Lythestyle Training. Link
You may remember that the Lythe suffered a terrible accident which the Warriors club rallied around.

Flying fox crash leaves athletic mum crippled
5:30 AM Thursday Apr 4, 2013

Mardie Lythe has been left crippled after a flying fox accident. Photo / Marathon Photos

The wife of former Warriors player Ben Lythe will never walk again after severing her spine when she hurtled off a flying fox and crashed into a pile of rubble.

Mardie Lythe, 37, underwent surgery to fuse her spine after the accident on a friend's farm in Auckland last week.

The athletic mother of four can still move her upper body, but Auckland City Hospital doctors have told her she has zero chance of walking again.

A keen runner and horse rider, she now faces four months of rehabilitation in a spinal unit before she can make the difficult transition to life at home in a wheelchair.

The rugby league community has rallied in support, with the Warriors and former teammates contributing to a trust fund to help the family.

Mother-in-law Mary Lythe said the accident happened in Albany on Thursday.

The flying fox sloped up at the end, and Mardie was "flung off the end" as though she had gone over the handlebars of a bike.

Mary Lythe said the flying fox had been safely used by others, including children, and exactly why Mardie came off it was unclear.

"I don't know if they'll ever know, but it's unusual for somebody like her to let go. It's just a freaky accident, because she's a very athletic girl - she's used to all of these things."

Brother-in-law Nick Margison said doctors suspected Mardie had blacked out before she fell. But as she was still heavily sedated, they had not yet got the full story from her.

Mary Lythe said it was tragic for somebody so sporty to be unable to use her legs again. "I was looking at her lovely active body and I thought, 'Oh, how tragic. The legs won't move, those beautiful legs'."

Mary Lythe said her son was now focused on looking after the couple's four daughters - aged 7, 10, 13 and 16 - who were trying to stay positive.

"The kids have already looked up on the internet her events for the Paralympics."

Mary Lythe said her son had been strong and very practical. "He's quite resilient ..."

He planned to return to his outdoor landscaping job, but would have to reduce his hours to be there for the children.

The family live in a two-storey house in Milford, but Mary Lythe said they would need to find a single-storey house so Mardie could get around in a wheelchair.

They hoped to remain in the area because the children were all involved in sports there.

Mr Margison has set up a trust fund so his brother-in-law can take time off work to look after the children and find a rental home without stairs.

He said the children were devastated. "When she gets home it will be a massive change - they probably don't realise what a change it will be. But they're trying to stay positive."

Mr Margison said he was encouraged by support from Ben Lythe's old mates at the Warriors, the Mt Albert Lions and the Glenora Bears, who had contributed to the trust fund.

Former Warrior Awen Guttenbeil is working with the old boys' network to generate support, and Warriors CEO Wayne Scurrah said the club had donated $5000 to the fund.

League ambassador Sir Peter Leitch said Lythe was one of the most genuine and decent blokes around. "I'll be making a donation and I've also rung a few people to see if they can help too."

Ben still runs his own personal training company. You can follow him on facebook...

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Warrior number 79 Ben Lythe built my deck and half a fence. The reason why I said half a fence is no fault of his; we had to clear out some trees etc for them to come back in finish. This was back in 2010, couldn't get a hold of him or the other guy he was working with at Decked out to come back and finish. The guy he was working with was talking about builders and the Christchurch rebuild.

I didn't know about his past with the Warriors until I saw his name mentioned in an article on Stuff. Hey that guys at my place building my deck.

Not surprised on the personal training he seemed to be in good shape.

Thanks for the great tip. Was able to find this on No Cowboys website.


Checked the company register and the company is still active so this must be his bread and butter job and he must do the fitness thing on the side.

Thanks again snake77...
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83 David Mulhall - General Manager - Corporate at Wests Tigers Rugby League Pty Ltd. Link
Left the Tigers and is now CEO of SEE Media Group in Seattle, Washington, USA.

SEE Media Group help companies create unique brand experiences that influence consumer buying behavior, build brand loyalty, deliver value for money and drive bottom-line results. Our end-to-end service includes research, identification, negotiation and management of sponsorship and partnership deals.

SEE Media Group's management team has over 30 years of international business and sponsorship experience with global brands including Virgin, Etihad, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Schweppes, Accor, CUB, Lion Nathan, Ford, and Mercedes.

Heres his LinkedIn profile. Funnily enough he omits his 3 game career in the NRL and the Warriors...



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84 Jonathan Smith - ???
Still nothing on Jonathan. No idea what he's up to.

I actually met him by chance at the Auckland 9s last year. Happened to see that he was wearing a player issue 1998 Warriors jersey. I approached him and his mates and asked him about it. He tried to bluff me and say he got it done himself and I told him that only the player jerseys had the blue square on the back so the number stood out more (I know. Im a jersey whoring nerd!). He was surprised that I called him out and asked how I knew. I pulled out my phone and showed him a picture of my collection. He then literally took the shirt off his back and gave it to me. Such an awesome moment.

His mates would later tell me he actually played for the Warriors. A claim he would deny.

I would later find out through research that the jersey he gave me was rare as it was only used during the 1998 trial games. Come Round 1 the Warriors would sport new sleeve sponsor BarterCard. That also explained why the jersey didnt have an NRL badge.

Of all the players on this thread he is the one I would most like to catch up with as I owe him a few beers. Youre the man Jon...

1998 RG Jonathan Smith match worn front 1998 RG Jonathan Smith match worn rear


Cheers for all the info and updates mt.welly, always good to see how past players are doing now days after their Warrior days.

Robbie Mears still going hardout at 40, what a brilliant player he was.

Odell 'Holy farkin hell' Manuel... from a winger to that massive prop we been looking for!:D What a huge dude!


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Making a tit of himself on a regular basis.
Henry Perenara's most infamous moment happened in September 2013 when he and Matt Cecchin allowed the Cronulla Sharks 7 tackle try to happen during the play offs. All six officials in that game were stood down and it some time for Henry to get off the naughty step.

756827 sharks v cows
He's been given the reigns for the NRL All Star vs NRL Indigenous game so I think all has been forgiven. By the NRL at least.

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