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May 21, 2013
Shaun has been playing while carrying an injury for most of the season. This enforced layoff means he can come back stronger than ever, fully fit. It's frustrating, but it'll be worth it in the end.

Hopefully there is something to this, no kiwis commitments, no 9s, the kid hasn’t had a full offseason since he was 21 probably.

And he is a half, though he’s the most dangerous runner we have, thats only part of his role, if he loses a bit of electricity in his step or half a yard of pace, it would happen to him with age anyway, he’ll just have to adjust to it earlier.

Look at benji, he'd slowed down alot from the 2005 version by the time he got a golden boot gong in 2010.
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May 21, 2013
You know it’s been an unlucky year when we haven’t had the first choice starting side out there once this season. Would be interesting how many other teams that applies to.
The panthers probably, manly also, and it don’t look like they will be in the finals either.

This ignores right wing and left centre, having Laumape instead of Kata would not have changed much, and Lolohea would have probably been the first choice right wing, he’s just played a bunch of other positions as well. Also ignores the bench (benry) as that changes regulary, and McFadden doesn’t know how to manage it anyway.

First choice player absent
Rd 1 KNIGHTS - Sam Tomkins
Rd 2 RAIDERS - Konrad Hurrell
Rd 3 EELS - Konrad Hurrell
Rd 4 BRONCOS - Sam Tomkins, Konrad Hurrell
Rd 5 STORM - Sam Tomkins
Rd 6 TIGERS - Sam Tomkins
Rd 7 COWBOYS - Sam Tomkins
Rd 8 TITANS - Sam Tomkins, Konrad Hurrell
Rd 9 SHARKS - Sam Tomkins
Rd 10 EELS - Sam Tomkins, Konrad Hurrell, Manu Vatuvei
Rd 11 BYE
Rd 12 KNIGHTS - Konrad Hurrell, Thomas Leuluai
Rd 13 RABBITOHS - Konrad Hurrell, Thomas Leuluai, Sam Tomkins
Rd 14 ROOSTERS - Thomas Leuluai, Sam Tomkins, Jacob Lillyman, Ryan Hoffman
Rd 15 TITANS - Thomas Leuluai
Rd 16 RAIDERS - Thomas Leuluai
Rd 17 BYE
Rd 18 STORM - Thomas Leuluai, Manu Vatuvei, Konrad Hurrell, Ryan Hoffman
Rd 19 ROOSTERS - Thomas Leuluai, Manu Vatuvei, Konrad Hurrell, Ryan Hoffman
Rd 20 SEA EAGLES - Thomas Leuluai, Manu Vatuvei, Konrad Hurrell, Ryan Hoffman
Rd 21 SHARKS - Thomas Leuluai, Shaun Johnson, Ryan Hoffman, Bodene Thompson
Rd 22 DRAGONS - Thomas Leuluai, Shaun Johnson, Ryan Hoffman, Bodene Thompson
Rd 23 PANTHERS - Thomas Leuluai, Shaun Johnson, Bodene Thompson, Manu Vatuvei, Ben Matulino
Rd 24 COWBOYS - Thomas Leuluai, Shaun Johnson, Manu Vatuvei, Ben Matulino, Chad Townsend
Rd 25 TIGERS - Thomas Leuluai, Shaun Johnson, Manu Vatuvei, Ben Matulino, Chad Townsend, Jacob Lillyman
Rd 26 BULLDOGS - Thomas Leuluai, Shaun Johnson, Manu Vatuvei, Jacob Lillyman
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Jul 12, 2013
You know it’s been an unlucky year when we haven’t had the first choice starting side out there once this season. Would be interesting how many other teams that applies to.
The panthers probably, manly also, and it don’t look like they will be in the finals either.
Again we see another example of how little the league media pay attention to the Warriors. We have 3 players out with season ending knee injuries, now Johnson gone for the season, add to that Tomkins knee and Fisiiahi and Fusitu'a both out for long periods. All we hear about are sympathy quotes /excuses for the injury toll at Manly, Penrith etc.

I know I shouldn't be surprised.:rolleyes:
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Oct 11, 2014
Just saw this on Sportsbanter and wanted to share :

Link :


What does Johnson’s injury mean for the Warriors?

Michael Minty

July 27, 2015



What does Shaun Johnson’s injury mean for the Warriors? Heads dropped both on and off the field around New Zealand on Saturday night as the Warriors star play maker was carried off the field, fracturing his fibula after a typical Johnson-esque solo try.

Questions are now being raised about their finals prospects and the effect his absence will have on his team’s run home.

Johnson went on to play a key role in leading the Warriors to a grand final appearance in his rookie year – A star was born.

But it’s been lean pickings since, with the side failing to play finals football and now with the Warriors season hanging in the balance. It could be another year down the drain as the Warriors will enter foreign territory trying to qualify for the finals without their number one strike weapon.

Johnson has had a relatively injury free career only missing six of his 101 games.

While Warriors fans are thirsty for their first finals appearance in four years, their patience will once again be tested. If the worst case scenario occurs and they finish outside the top 8, the silver lining will be the fact someone will gain valuable experience in the halves and going forward into 2016 that’s a positive sign as injuries to your stars can happen in the blink of an eye.

The Cowboys and the Panthers have been a prime example of this.

However the development of Michael Morgan means the Cowboys are no longer a one-man band and have shown the ability to win games without their future immortal Johnathan Thurston.

While the Panthers are again having a horrible 2015 with injuries, the fact their side made the top 4 in 2014 with what seemed like half their squad missing shows if a team can play for each other anything is possible. The Warriors need to take a leaf out of this book and will.

It’s only the media and ney-sayers who are now writing off their 2015 season.

While there’s no doubt Johnson’s absence is a massive blow, the players will still feel they have enough strike power within their ranks to at least make the finals. From there anything can happen – especially when the bandwagon is empty.

All going well, three of their key personnel will filter back into the side over the next fortnight. Ryan Hoffman, Manu Vatuvei and Konrad Hurrell have been sorely missed recently in different ways. Hurrell and Vatuvei will add some size returning the ball from kicks and add another dimension in the red zone on attack while Hoffman’s steady influence and experience should at least stabilise one side of the field.

He’s become Mr Fix-it in the Warriors back line but finally Tuimoala Lolohea looks set to star in the position in which he dominated during his time in the NYC.

With centre, wing and fullback ticked off, many touted Lolohea as the next big thing alongside Johnson in the halves, so with six rounds to go he may get his chance unless Andrew McFadden opts to move Sam Tomkins into the halves. The only concern may come in the form of the kicking duties in general play meaning Chad Townsend and Tomkins in particular may have to become more involved at the end of sets.

If ever they had an excuse to drop the ball after being in finals contention and missing out on September then the scene is set. But one thing in the Warriors favour is the fact they still control their own destiny despite losing back to back games in the last fortnight.

While they now boast a new halves combination, it’s the forwards that need to provide more energy than what’s been on display during the recent losses to enable a smooth transition for the new pairing. A lot of pressure will fall on Chad Townsend to steer the Warriors around the park which is basically what he was doing earlier in the year as Johnson warmed up to his duties.

Losing a string of games at the back end of the season is familiar territory to this side and if they fail overcome Johnson’s omission many will feel we’ve seen the last victory by the Warriors in 2015.

Can they prove the doubters wrong?


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Jul 12, 2013
We would have been lucky to go through his entire career without a major injury. Jones had his broken arm hopefully this ankle injury is it for Johnson in terms of major injuries.

Sucks for our 2015 season and means the Kiwis need to find an alternative. A 4-5 month recovery if we are lucky he might get an extended pre-season which he wouldn't usually get being a rep player.


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Apr 12, 2012
Hamilton, New Zealand
I'm hopeful that SJ doesn't rush it and just gets himself right. I don't care if he's out for the first month of the new season, then doesn't want to run for the next 6-8 games. As long as he takes his time to get the ankle right, I think RTS and Luke will be able to compensate for him taking a bit of backwards step in the first few months. If I'm the coaching staff, I tell him to just focus on getting through the first month of footy. Kick well, pass well, tackle well, then worry about throwing steps after that.
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Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
Gutted for SJ. When he went down I stopped caring about the game tonight - probably a good thing.
Pretty much exactly how I felt.

Was sitting in the South Stand bay right in front of where he scored and I knew after 2 seconds that he was out for the season. Never seen a player writhe around in so much pain. He was straight down the tunnel and off to the hospital.

Goodluck and a speedy recovery...

EXCLUSIVE | Shaun Johnson interview
Mon 27th July, 05:58PM
[parsehtml]<script height="349px" width="620px" src=""></script>[/parsehtml]

Vodafone Warriors TV visited halfback Shaun Johnson in hospital today to talk tp him about his injury, surgery and recovery programme.

Among those to drop in as well were Vodafone Warriors head coach Andrew McFadden and assistants Tony Iro and Andrew Webster.

The 24-year-old Johnson's season was ended after he broke his left ankle while scoring a try just before halftime in Saturday night's NRL clash against Manly at Mount Smart Stadium.

He broke the fibula and partially dislocated his ankle as his leg was jammed underneath the weight of Manly second rower Tom Symonds.

Johnson faces a recovery period of four to five months before he'll be able to return to full training.

Watch his interview including his special message for members and fans.


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Apr 18, 2012
Far out.. Even players signing for us are doing their ACL's. That popped in my head when he was running into the line and pulled up lame, it appeared our boys saw/heard something go off too.. Might have been that famous pop.


as long as Johnson's injury isn't like Tuiaki's or god forbid Jharal Yow Yeh

please no


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May 8, 2012
That's the same injury I did when I was playing rugby.

Got back to running around in about 6 months, biggest hurdle I found was wanting to take contact again especially around the legs.

Man crazy how fast he got surgery, I had to wait about 6 weeks after the injury before my op. Was actually my first date with my now wife, man what a romantic. "Can you take me to the hospital and wait a couple of hours with me after surgery?"
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