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01 Jan 1970 12:00PM

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Bit unfair blaming Lousi and Havili for the loss in the weekend. Pretty sure by the time they even made it onto the field the score was already something like 18-0.
We lost the game because we couldn't hold the ball and complete our sets. It's no surprise that our bench had little impact because everyone was tired from defending!

Rapira hasn't hit form yet, how can he after only having his second NRL game of the year(the previous game being months ago). Glad he's getting more game time, he will improve. Remember Lillyman at the start of the season? Now look how well he's going.

I am excited about Glen Fisiahi being back. He looks a bit more solid compared to the early years. Remember how he used to be super fast but little bit flimsy looking, like he couldn't handle the big hits very well? He is older bigger and tougher now. And he's probably hungry for it. I can't wait until he proves all the doubters wrong.

It's tough the Lisone is not in the team. I really rate the guy.
Need our pack to stand up big time in this game.. sick of seeing these late season fades.. our backs will gain confidence off the back of our forwards dominating, simple as that.. no platform:Johnson's fault.. forwards dominate:Johnson's king ...kapeesh?!

I know Mutts and Mannering will front because they always do.. now only if the other forwards backed them up.

Friend just go back to what was working and run.. looked predictable and same old against the chickens.. just go all random and throw in a double somersault aerial forward flip twister while your at it.:wideyed::woot:

Lillyman needs to get back to that last origin game type form... what did he run like 2000 metres or some shit? I wanna see a farkin bull not a plodding cow.

Thompson undid all his recent good work by resorting to arm grabbing and dropping off tackles against the chickens.. come on bro your better then that clumsy shit.. Work rate is great and ball carries are a lot better as he & Johnson's combo & running lines have clicked

RFM is still finding his feet at top grade level so he gets a stay of execution but he needs to use his frame a bit more and get a bit more aggressive..

Vete will carry hard and hit hard.. he's the only real impact off the bench

Lousi ..just do something you big bastard, given up making excuses for your slug like performances.. shock me.

Havili.. specialist hooker being used in the backrow at weird stages of games .. great logic.. not! McFadden hasn't got a clue how to use him.

Rapira.. please just show us some of those kamikaze ball carries that you were renowned for.. and those smother tackles seemed to have disappeared .. can the real Sam Rapira please stand up.

Just like last week it all starts up front and if we can't match or better fatty mudteo and stale willie then we might as well give up on this season.
Manly shouldn't get much front foot ball this game. Even with our bench. We should do to them what the Roosters just did to us. It wouldn't surprise me to see 30+ points put on Manly this week. Happy to take any money off you if you care to wager......[/QUOT
Nah, i'm happy to eat my words on the weekend when Manly get smashed...................................... ;)


Warriors Orange Peeler
Looking forward to the old classic Herbs. If the Warriors top it off with a win I'll be hitting town for sure...

Herbs to perform at Mount Smart
Wed 22nd July, 05:31PM

When it comes to Kiwi music legends they don't come much bigger than Herbs – and on Saturday they’ll be performing live before the NRL clash between the Vodafone Warriors and Manly.

For more than three decades the unrivalled kings of the Pacific reggae sound have been making their mark, their enduring appeal and popularity most recently being recognised with the Manukau Institute of Technology Lifetime Achievement Award at the Vodafone Pacific Music Awards in June.

In April the band's 1981 debut album, What's Be Happen?, was named the Independent Music NZ Classic Record in the Taite Music Prize honours, accolades which followed the band's induction to the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame in 2012.

Their legendary hit list includes such greats as Long Ago, Nuclear Waste, Sensitive to a Smile, Dragons and Demons and the collaborations Parihaka with Tim Finn, Slice of Heaven with Dave Dobbyn and See What Love can do with Annie Crummer.

Herbs Acoustic, made up of three long-time members of Herbs, will present the Herbs magic in a stripped-down acoustic format the Vodafone Warriors and Manly do battle at 5.00pm on Saturday.

So get along to Mount Smart Stadium for a memorable treat as Herbs bring a slice of New Zealand’s music heritage to a day when the Vodafone Warriors celebrate their own heritage with their 20th anniversary season old boys’ day.
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Not to make everyone panic. But Shaun Johnson ain't doing whatever the team is doing today, he's limping around a gym with a trainer. Presumably still carrying whatever leg or groin complaint that he aggravated on the weekend.

May be nothing, but the dude ain't moving freely...
If Shaun Johnson was to miss a game, this weekend would be the one. Manly would be without DCE, so even playing field.

We could finally see what Lolohea has playing halves in FG. Could put to rest any doubt about our number 6 next year.
Line Ben Matulino, Jacob Lillyman, Bodene Thompson, Albert Vete and Sam Rapira up to run at his left shoulder all day. Big guys either side of the runner to keep DCE minders at bay or if they go to protect him than offload opportunity...

I think Mutts is one of the best forwards in the game at targeting halves, especially when he plays on the edge - I'd give him some time there early in the game just to give DCE a thorough examination...
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