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Warriors Orange Peeler
Auckland Nines...

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Warriors Orange Peeler
The Panthers Anzac jersey they showed on the Footy Show last night looks amazing:


Wish we had one like that, love the soldiers in the sunset.
This jersey is badass. Im blown away by it. Great effect with the silhouettes against the sunset. Best thing is OAK allowing the ANZAC symbol to replace it as pride of place. Great respect by them and should be how all ANZAC jerseys are made...

The Panthers jersey is also close to their normal jerseys with the horizontal line design which is cool as it's a change but not a huge one.

Also like some of the traditional ANZAC jerseys with the camouflage.

MtWellington's comment on the ANZAC symbol replacing the sponsor is a good one. It would be refreshing to have one round without all of the sponsorship all over the jerseys. If they did have sponsors maybe do something different like sponsors for that round so all of the money goes to some sort of cause etc maybe for retired soldiers or something.
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More ANZAC jerseys.

Just stumbled on them by accident.


Every time I try to follow the Roosters jersey to its original page, it takes me to unrelated ebay pages. I assume it has been removed, as it is not yet announced.

Edit: Oops, looks like the Roosters is last years.
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Some heritage strips


The Eels jersey is listed as "special edition", not heritage. But it carries the NRL logo which indicates it will be worn on the field.

I also found an Aussie high viz Knights jersey listed as 2015 alternate, but I'm pretty sure it was last years one.
We have a new contender for fugliest jersey of the year...Queensland origin training jersey
I see what's happening here - CCC have realized how bad they made our ANZAC jersey look, they've decided to bring out one even worst than that to take the heat of the Warriors!!! ;)