General 2015 NRL Jerseys

Well done on the Spider-Man pose showing us next to nothing of the jersey lol

Yeah I know what you mean !

Here's better shot of it since I don't know about you but like Hulk one last year I am so buying shit out of this jersey :


The only problem is on me it's probably going to look a lot more like this :


Sucks to be me ;)
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I quite liked some of the super hero jerseys last year. I thought it would be cool to wear while watching the movies (sad I know but I prefer to think I'm just a big kid). I was thinking of getting the Roosters Captain America one; I can't recall if I tried it one or felt disgusted putting on another sides jersey (particularly that one).

I've got a few other sides jerseys that I occasionally wear which I got on various holidays to Australia a few years ago. But since joining this site my colours are black, red and and, red, green and with an icey V.

Ok that last bit is a bit of a dig at the number of jerseys but it does feel weird now getting another sides jerseys.