General 2015 NRL Finals Footy Thread

What two teams will make the Grand Final?

  • Roosters

  • Broncos

  • Cowboys

  • Storm

  • Bulldogs

  • Sharks

  • Rabbitohs

  • Dragons

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First Broncos try = SKD you goose. What you thinking. Crazy intercept.

Second try. Roger Tuivasa-Sheck taking a risk like all fullbacks need to do weighing up if they can get away without a repeat set.

Third try. Magic work through the middle and great support play.

Damn they are on fire at the moment.
Roosters handling has been piss poor in this game, brisbane have been excellent.

game over, go north queensland or the storm, hate broncos


Warriors Orange Peeler
Saw an interesting bet at the TAB and took a punt on it. The bet was for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd try scorer. I put money on Blake Ferguson and he scores the 4th and 5th try :banghead:...

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roosters fans giving it to RTS online, they'll turn on anyone.

Not a Broncos fan but good for them to get to the GF. I think tomorrow's winner will be the Storm, having the week off helps
He signs with us they hate him, he goes on a serious run of killer form and they love him. They get knocked out of the finals and they hate him. Good decision to come home Roger we usually just blame the coach.;)

They went nuts when he first signed screaming about how they developed him, a bit rich. His form didn't turn to shit after he signed the big contract like some of the Roosters fans thought would happen.

Hell of a turn around with Brisbane since Bennett returned. Similar quick success to his stint at the Dragons.
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Gees Taumalolo looks huge, massive legs, too bad he didn't stay at the Warriors

Not much atmosphere at this game. Looks like its going to be another one sided game, like last night
Good effort for the Storm to get this far without Slater for the majority of the season and with their aging superstars some of the experts at different times of the year were tipping them to miss the finals.

Storm didn't seem like they had much points in them. The try like Cronk scored playing straight close to the line seemed like their best option. The Cowboys seemed to be able to find points with nice plays or guile through Thurston.

Good effort by the Cowboys this year. What as it? lost their first 3 games, then won in golden point before winning against us in the last minute. Then there were a lot of big comebacks in a winning streak.

Good performance off the back of their big forwards then out to Thurston.

Can't wait for next week pretty interesting Grand Final two teams that come to play.
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