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Wellington Warrior

Warriors 1st Grader
May 15, 2012
Wellington, New Zealand
Highlight of the day so far. Mamo is such a prick
Yip..absolutely Mamo is a prize knob....

Having said that... How the fuck did the video ref miss the blind cheap shot from behind that floored Mamo...instead they warned 2 other players and placed things on report... Mamo is forced off as he was knocked into next week and the guy that threw the punch is free to play on. Could have been a game changer right ther if the guy was sent off as he should have been.
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Warriors 1st Grader
Jul 12, 2013
20 years in the NRL and we get a nice commemorative badge, a new home and away strip and some games highlighted on Sky. I'd throw all of that away to have what the Cowboys potentially have to celebrate 20 years in the comp. A chance at a premiership.
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May 21, 2013
I look at it like, in the last 20 years, the Warriors haven't won a premiership, nor have

The raiders
The eels
The Sharks
The Cowboys
The Titans

So won't mind if the Cowboys come off of that list tonight.

Justin hodges deserves to go out a loser.
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Warriors 1st Grader
May 7, 2012
what a revelation Milford has been in the halves this year, he's class

what a cracker of a game so far
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