General 2014 NYC Holden Cup Finals

Who will win the NYC Premiership?

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  • Sydney Roosters

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Geezuss that was stressful my heart was pounding like my life was going to end. Thank goodness the fitness guy has gone because there was not one of our guys who wasn't blowing. But we won so take that NRL officials you tried so hard to get Broncos up but you failed.
So we get to see the Broncos get their medals but see nothing of the warriors getting the trophy - only after shots? Whats up with that?

Guess there had to be a trade off for Lino wasting all that time during the game. Excellent game plan, without it we would have lost.
Those boys to do what they did after clocking that many frequent flyer miles in the sydney heat for the last 4 weeks deserve a crown. 3rd NYC trophy in 6 years, 4th NYC grand final in 5 years. I really want to see Lolohea in the halves next year in place of TL and wouldn't mind grooming him as ST's replacement if he leave at the end of his contract. Kata and Hurrell on opposite edges would rape arse as well.
8th to GF champs. Proud as! Those commentators new the refs were gonna give us a tune up. Even at 30 points ahead one eyed Lockyer was saying it was gonna happen. Wankers.
forget about lockyer how shit is tim gilbert seriously though didn't know you could make to game anymore boring he dosen't even know the score half the time i can't believe they let vossy go and kept that muppet channel nines got no one when rabs carks it
Some Shit referee calls went against us but we still won showed those over paid idiots in the first grade how to play five weeks in Ozzie and they still came through Sam Lisone and mason Lino well done.

I actually thought the on field refs made the right call, it was just the 2 knobs in the stand that some how saw something completely different and kept over ruling, also the first time I have ever heard of a video ref making a captains challenge. Dodgy Mofo's.

Far Away Fan

Yeah that's why I go there too- paparazzi leave u alone.
The hippies on the other hand.....

If it wasn't for "the hippies", Byron would not be Byron. It's the alternative nature of the place, the result of "the hippies" having been there and it still attracting more, that make it what it is today and enable people such as Todd Carney and all the rest feel they can be here and just be one of the crowd in its laid back vibe.
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Far Away Fan

Hey, guess what, fellahs?


"They'll never win anything with just the bro's."

Er...they just have. Under-20's or not, it makes no matter. This afternoon, that theory was shot to pieces


What a great result. Everything against you and you come up trumps. Lol at the commentators when Robinson was lost and Roache went to dummy half. They didn't even know he was actually a 9. Go Nathanial.

Puts a glow on the season
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This year yet?
Awesome result lads, unfortunately had to work so missed the game, sounds like they tried to cheat us of the win.
Any highlights up?
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