General 2013 Jerseys and Merchandise Thread

Not sure if I'm allowed to post pictures here, seeing as these leaked photos usually cause a few problems for forums.

But the 2013 Jerseys have been leaked :) (or a talented 'shopper is taking the piss)

Training Jersey: Black with V made of flames

Heritage Jersey: Stylised 2002 Jersey

Juniors Jersey: Some kind of terminator/robot theme going on
Sounds like someone's taking the piss to be honest.. Though the paint splatter jerseys were pretty horrible, I doubt they'd go with a V made of flames, or terminator/robot themes....

You never know though. Some people don't have taste.
My thoughts exactly. At least they won't be playing in the flame one. Thought a 2002 tribute was due, will be getting it for sure.
Didn't they miss the opportunity of the 2002 tribute. It really should have featured this year. 10 years is more logical than celebrating the 11th anniversary.

Can you guys give any hints on where this "leak" can be seen?

Im not too impressed with any of those jerseys to be honest....but i really like it when we have some blue in the uniform, the 2002 uniform is still my favourite.
These have seriously got to be a piss-take.

Wouldn't they need to pay someone royalties to use the terminator theme. They have even put one red eye on the logo.

The heritage jersy would be fine, and look real smart without the ugly basket-weave pattern all over it (it just looks like someone played around wit hte texture tool in whatever program they were using. I don't think the flame one looks that silly, but at a distance it would just look orange.

I'm not really buying any of them. Its very early in the year for next years jerseys to surface, and there are a lot of talented people out there who can make something look so professional.
dosent matter what they look are still gonna buy them the warriors have about 10 diffrent jerseys.they only need three for fark sakes.still revenue for the club think the terminater jersey deffinit piss take i hope
Yeah, um... no thanks to any of those designs.

Mind you, I do recall the Doggies wearing a one-off Star Wars jersey to promote the blu-ray release I think it was, so nothing would suprise me if they happened to be legit.