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What is your 2012 top 8. It is really hard to pick but without a full look at transfers I am going to go for

1 Manly
2 Tigers
3 Warriors
4 Storm
5 Broncos
6 Newcastle
7 Bulldogs
8 Penrith


In no particular order:


Penrith/sharks for the spoon


Melbourne 1
Warriors 2
Knights 3
Manly 4
Roosters 5
Brisbane 6
Tigers 7
Eels 8
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1 Warriors !!!
2 Manly
3 Tigers
4 Melbourne
5 Broncos
6 Souffs
7 Newcastle
8 Bulldogs or maybe Eels?


1 Warriors !!!
2 Manly
3 Tigers
4 Melbourne
5 Broncos
6 Souffs
7 Newcastle
8 Bulldogs or maybe Eels?

yep, thats me too. Why the hell shouldn't the warriors win the minor premiership. Come on boys (and girls) get behind them all the warriors:cg:


I reckon the tigers will only just make the 8 if that... Isn't Robbie Lui on his way out for beating his girlfriend up (again)?


North Queensland


My picks are Eels will be the big movers and Tigers the big fallers.

Yup. Tigers have lost most of their pack. They looked like shiiiit when Gibbs left the field in our game too...doesn't bode well for them. I reckon Fifita and Gibbs will be massive for the sharkies. I reckon the top 8 is wide open next year...most of these are just guesses tbh.

Four most likely to make the 8 imo:

1. Manly
- They were class in some patches this year, will only get better next year if injuries are kind.

2. Warriors
- We showed signs of class this year, Johnson, Locke, Mateo and Maloney having a full off season in their chosen positions will only make them more devastating. If we have an injury free year this cold be anything...

3. Storm
- Their pack was exposed towards the end of the year without blair. If they don't unearth some good young forwards and one of the Big 3 goes down for a long period of time they might even miss the 8

4. Eels:
If Sandow and Tonga come into the side with good form and Fuifui, Matiua and Hayne fire this is a top 4 team. I predict they'll either be top 4 or bottom 4.

5. Knights:
- Bit of an unknown...I don't know if Bennett can work his magic with this team as easily as he did with his last side...could run 1st, could run 10th...who knows. I think they'll make the 8 though.

6. .Roosters
- A bolter for sure, but they showed some very good signs towards the end of the year when Carney was gone and are up for a big season imo. Either way, they're my missus' team so I hope they go alright.

7. Dragons:
Have lost a lot of firepower and their new coach doesn't fill me with confidence. Will need to step up their game, but they're a better then 50% of making the 8 imo.

8. Cowboys:
If injuries are kind I think they'll make the 8 easily enough, they'll need Tate, Thurston and Bowen to fire though. If too many of their forwards go down they're stuff though.

9. Panthers:
- Could be anything under Cleary. He may have taken a lot of confidence out of getting us to the Grand final. I don't think they'll be a threat until 2013 when Maloney inevitably ends up there though. They just don't have the players if anybody gets hurt. Will fall just short this year imo.

10. Broncos:
- Big question mark on them without lockyer. I don't think they'll make a big dent in the comp but they're a chance of making the 8. It all hinges on how their halves go. If it's anything close to their game against the Seal Eagles, then it could be a long year though.

11. Tigers:
- They've lost a LOTof quality in the forwards and injuries weren't kind. I think they're on the downswing now, especially if they have to axe their halfback (even if he's mud) I say this with no confidence at all (Tigers are the most unpredictable team in the NRL of course) but I think they'll miss the 8 or just limp in.

12. Sharks:
If Carney signs for them, they could be a threat. Great pack still with Gibbs and Fifita offsetting their losses to a degree.I hope they do well, Sharks fans deserve a good year, will be the bottom of the top 8 if they make if though.

13. Bulldogs:
- Just a meh team imo. Though history says they don't miss the finals consecutively very often so they may crawl into the 8. This would be an overachievement though imo. Across the park they're pretty average or inconsistent.

14. Raiders:
They have a very talented team which was hampered by injuries this year, but also by one of the worst coaches in the NRL. If they had a better coach I'd say top 4, but with Furner coaching, I'd say 8th at best.

15. lol@souffs:
- Who knows with this mob. They've got a handy coach coming in but who knows what they're gunna do for halves? Sutton is bloody useless. Might make the 8 but won't make a dent. Just as likely to get the spoon too.

16. Titans:
Mud this year and it'll be another long year in 2012 for the Gold coasters. Idris and Champion are not the answer to their problems. Prince is aging rapidly and their defense will only get worse with Idris and Champion in the centres imo. Making the 8 would be a huge ask for this team...

Yeah, fairly long post by my standards...but i'm procrastinating from doing an assignment. What do you expect.


1 warriors
2 storm
3 cowboys
4 broncos
5 knights
6 manly
7 panthers
8 eels
9 dragons
10 titans
11 bulldogs
12 souffs
13 tigers
14 roosters
15 sharks
16 raiders

Magic Stick_old

1 Warriors
2 Manly
3 Broncos
4 Storm
5 Roosters
6 Tigers
7 Eels
8 Sharks

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