General 2007 squad depth


westie stylz said:
Something I've learnt from the last couple of years with the salary cap completely taking hold is I have no idea whatsoever what is going to happen.

Who will be good? Who will be rubbish? Who will make the playoffs?

Panthers win the comp and then fade away.

Roosters make the final 3 straight years then fall apart, sack their coach and come nowhere.

Tigers win the comp with a young enthusiastic team and then the next year bomb out on the back of a retirement and a couple of key injuries.

The Storm with a young inexperieced side with guys who most other sides wouldn't be interested in plus 2 0r 3 game breakers tear it up all year and only fall one game short of equalling the record for most wins in a season in the comps history.

The Broncos with a team with an old forward pack and getting hammered by the press after SOO on a big losing streak turn around and win the comp.

I think the key is coaching. Getting the team to play the right style of football for them and a style of football that other teams don't like playing against. Having experienced players or the most talented players is not going to get you there on it's own. In fact you might not even need those things if everything else clicks into place.

Well said mate, very well said. I think you are most spot on


Has anyone herd of Zoram Whatene.
as far as i know he was in The Pnthers Juniors before he moved back to NZ for family reasons, and i think he played a few Bartacard cup games this year.
I've seen this kid play he's 17 and i really think if the Warriors can get this kid, he has great potential to go all the way.
Last Year he scored 3 trys in the Grand final for the Panthers Harold Mathews side (under 16s).
Positions he can play anywhere in the back line, but i reckon he's dynamic at Fullback.


i havent heard the name i dont think but all them young kiwi boys out penrith way seem to go well.