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I feel like reminiscing tonight ...

Friday March 10, 1995 - Ericsson Stadium

WARRIORS: Blake, Hoppe, Bell (c), Thompson, Taewa, Ngamu, Alexander, Hill, Mann, Okesene, Kearney, Tatupu, Tuimavave. Bench: Solomona, Ropati, Mackie, Moana

BRONCOS: O'Neill, Sailor, Hancock, Johns, Carne, Kevin Walters, Langer (c), Lazarus, Kerrod Walters, Gee, Thorn, Cann, Smith. Bench: Plath, Ryan

BRONCOS 25 (Langer 2, Carne, Johns tries; O'Neill 3, Langer goals; O'Neill field goal)
WARRIORS 22 (Blake, Hoppe, Tatupu, Ropati tries; Ngamu 3 goals)

Ref: Bill Harrigan
Crowd: 29,220 (apparently)
Halftime: Warriors 16 Broncos 10

So where were you while all this was going on??

Sadly I wasn't able to make it to the game ... but I remember being absolutely glued to the TV, and feeling pretty gutted that I wasn't there to soak it all up. :(
I was 9 i remember watching the show before the game was great....
Thanks to a mystery couple, and newstalk ZB I was there.
Wish I could remember what I was doing or why I didnt watch the game.
I was 5 and watched it with my warriors t-shirt on, which shoulder had been pooped on by a bird earlier in the day.
I was sitting in our quaint living room in Mt Colah NSW in my PJ's screaming at the tv willing them to win but alas it wasn't to be. I would've been 13 or 14 at the time. I remember seeing the big inflatable warrior, the fire and the drums and Bell running through onto the field. I remember thinking "They could win this" when it hit half time and I remember thinking a try is all we need towards the end of the game but it's all kinda blurry and montagesque...

What a game...
I was about 5 hours north of Ericsson with my eyes firmly glued to the tele wishing I was 5 hours south.

Watching Ropo and McGivor in their beige suits with real bad hair styles.

And then soaking up the atmosphere from the thousands of fans at the ground. The look of anticipation and excitment on the faces in the crowd was awesome.

And to see Bell lead out the boys thru the tunnel and the flames....the image is firmly fixed in this old brain.

Then of course the game. Blown away totally that we came oh so close to beating the 'superstars' of the Winfield Cup, the Broncos.

And the rest is history..
I was glued to the t.v the whole night, but can only remember little bits. I remember the kapahaka group, and the fire, the drums and the big inflatable warrior, and the guys running out of the tunnel between the north and east stands, and I remember how excited everyone was, watching a new zealand team in an aussie comp, and also thinking how hot Hoppe was and drooling over him
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 18 this chick i liked was 16 and she come over for a while and bought all this food over that she flogged from the Shell shop
I was on the sideline, preparing myself to walk across the field to do my little solo piece for the opening ceremony. Then I was whisked away to a corporate box, from where I watched the whole match.
I misssed out on tickets and went to a few pubs in the City beferehand but all were very full. We ended up watching the game at my friend's work in their boardroom on the big screen sucking on a few beers.

Great game and a great day for RL in NZ.

A real shame that 11 years later I could go to any pub and there would hardly be any punters watching the game and the crowd at the game will be half of what it was back in 1995.
i was in sydney glued to the screen, gutted we lost but from that day on i have been a massive warriors fan
I was watching it at home in Brisbane with a few league mates... had an Auckland jersey, and was the only one going for them as everyone else was a Donkey fan.
I witness a miracle, that night

with the birth of my son, he come out kicking

into the world so to speak

knew he would be a leaguester lad

he timed his run well

and let the new found daddy watch the full game

which was also a minor sport miracle
up the mighty warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MMM things are hazzy for me. Remember going to the match. Sat right on halfway about 3 rows back. Had too much to drink and had to catch a cab home. Remember that the wind was cold and we ALMOST won.

Met alot of people I didn't know who all had the same view that day. A day one will never ever forget. Just like the Mount Erabus crash and JFK getting shot.

A day in one's life that is a milestone. We are lucky if we get many and thanks to the Warriors i have had more than my share.

And it begins again to day !
watched it on the tv. I remember the flames and the drums. not much else about the actual game though.
Watched the game on TV as couldn't get a ticket -remember how close we came to winning and how excited I got - was hooked on the Warriors from that day on.

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