wooden spoon

  1. Christchurch_Warrior

    General 2023 Wooden Spoon Prediction

    What team does everyone think will get the wooden spoon in 2023? For me I am picking the Knights. I like Jackson Hastings but he touches the ball so much that I can see teams just getting in his face and shutting down the attack. I also have heard Ponga might be at 6 and last time he hardly set...
  2. #robbiemears

    Gameday < 2021 2018 Warriors Season Predictions

    It seems many of us have short memories as the inevitable 'excitement' around 2018 builds. I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but it's worth putting everything into context before we all get carried away by exclamations around 'best ever recruitment' and 'hardest ever pre-season'. Fact #1...