1. Ben Lythe

    Ben Lythe

    Hailing from West Auckland, Lythe played for the Mt Albert Lions and Glenora Bears in the Auckland Rugby Leaguecompetition and also played for the Waitakere City Raiders in the national Lion Red Cup. He was part of the team that lost the 1996 Lion Red Cup Grand Final, although he kicked three...
  2. Boycie Nelson

    Boycie Nelson

    Boycie was a Glenora junior who played for the Warriors Colt side in 1995. He played in the Waitakere side that lost the 1996 Grand Final despite Boycie scoring 3 tries. He would spend time playing for the Widnes Vikings before being signed by the Warriors. He played 5 games that year then...
  3. Andy Platt

    Andy Platt

    Great Britain Test forward played for St Helens (1982-87) and Wigan (1988-94) during his English career before joining his former Wigan coach John Monie and fellow team mates Dean Bell, Denis Betts and Frano Botica at Auckland for the Warriors’ debut season in the ARL. Platt played 35 games for...