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    Player Toafofoa Sipley

    Could have sworn we had a thread for this guy. Anyway can always merge them if it shows up. This kid is going to have a huge future if his body holds up... POST MATCH | Toafofoa Sipley Sun 1st May, 05:36PM <script height="349px" width="620px"...

    General 2016 Warriors Player Awards

    That time of year where the club announce their awards. Not sure when the 1st Grade do their ceremony but the U20's held theirs last night. We'll keep you posted. Afoa club’s NYC player of the year Richard Becht Thu 10th September, 12:17PM <script height="349px" width="620px"...
  3. Toafofoa Sipley

    Toafofoa Sipley

    Sipley is another young talent off the production line that is St Paul’s College. In addition to representing his school, Toafofoa shot through the ranks at the Richmond Rovers. Breakthrough came in 2013 when he earned a place in the Vodafone Junior Warriors squad and the NZ Residents 18s for...