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  1. Thomas Leuluai - We Wish You Didn't Have to Leulueave

    Thomas Leuluai - We Wish You Didn't Have to Leulueave

    As his 2nd stint with the NZ Warriors draws to a close, Tommy will always be remembered as one of my favourite players to pull on a Warriors jersey, a bloke who punched well above his weight, a player who week in week out would roll the sleeves up and get through the "dirty work" that so many...
  2. Player Thomas Leuluai

    Thomas Leuluai Why do people keep referring to TL as Shoulders when Steve Matai has been known as Shoulders for years ? And TBH there is no one more deserving of this nickname that Matai. Im sure you would all be up n arms if say manly fans changed David Williams nick name from The Wolfman...
  3. Thomas Leuluai

    Thomas Leuluai

    The son of James Leuluai and part of the famous Leuluai Rugby League family he was the youngest player to ever debut for the Warriors. He became the second youngest Kiwi Test player (barely 18) when he debuted against Australia in July 2003. He had limited first team experience at New Zealand...
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