sione lousi

  1. Wishlist Trades for Warriors

    Wishlist Trades for Warriors

    It isn’t quite like the big time US sports where players get traded at a moment’s notice but here are five trades that would make sense from a Warriors perspective. Konrad Hurrell for Ricky Leutele (Sharks) Both players are a similar age and would command a similar salary. At his best Konrad...
  2. Sione Lousi

    Sione Lousi

    A tall back row forward or prop, Sione Lousi is another graduate from the Vodafone Warriors’ development programme. With links to the Richmond and Bay Roskill clubs, he’s a product of Auckland’s St Paul’s College, which has developed a long line of Kiwis including Mark Graham, Dane O'Hara, Nigel...
  3. fanrrior

    Player Sione Lousi

    I certainly don't. But many people seem to rate the bloke, so its poll time :D As a prop his runs are too soft for my liking. I'd rather have Rapira in the team once he is back, or even Ta'ai.