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  1. Packers deportation a quandary for Warriors

    Packers deportation a quandary for Warriors

    If reports of Russell Packer being deported back to New Zealand prove to be correct the Warriors will have something to ponder over the summer. Packer was essentially punted from the Auckland club after the 2013 season and he signed with the Knights. But his move to Newcastle never eventuated...
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    Russell Packer,2106,3673747a10713,00.html we need to sign this kid up ASAP!!
  4. Russell Packer

    Russell Packer

    Educated at Foxton Beach School and Manawatu College, Packer originally played rugby union from a young age for the junior Foxton rugby club and also for a junior Marist club in Nelson. Packer also played in the Foxton Rugby League Under 14s side at the age of nine years in a curtain raiser...