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  1. mt.wellington

    General 2016 Warriors Player Awards

    2016 Warriors Player Awards Thread for the end of year player awards. Right now you have an opportunity to vote for the Vodafone fan favourite. By voting you can also win a chance to attend the awards night...
  2. mt.wellington

    General 2015 Dally M Awards

    Thought we already had a thread for this but heres goes. Bringing you all the winners for tonights awards...

    General 2016 Warriors Player Awards

    That time of year where the club announce their awards. Not sure when the 1st Grade do their ceremony but the U20's held theirs last night. We'll keep you posted. Afoa club’s NYC player of the year Richard Becht Thu 10th September, 12:17PM <script height="349px" width="620px"...
  4. Odell Manuel

    Odell Manuel

    Manuel played for the Warriors for two seasons, winning the Rookie of the Year award in 1999. In 2000 he represented the New Zealand Māori at the World Cup. He then spent two years at Canberra which were much less successful. Mid way through his first season he was injured in a collision with...
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