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  1. Nathan Fien

    Nathan Fien

    Nathan Fien debuted for the Cowboys in 2000 and a year later he would be playing off the bench for Queenslands State of Origin squad. After playing 93 games for the Cowboys, Nathan signed with the New Zealand Warriors from season 2005 onwards. He later extended his contract until the end of...
  2. Xt1ncT

    Player Sio Siua Taukeiaho

    Does any one know what's happened to him? Loved arching him in the NYC side and he's not been around the last couple of games. Good prospect IMO.
  3. Player Nathan Fien

    Nathan Fien For past discussions on the Nathan Fien Grannygate scandal please go to the following thread Feel free to discuss it in this thread... From With Lockyer, Thurston & Prince vying for the...