1. tajhay

    Podcast Episode 3.15 - Missing Moorsy

  2. General NZ Warriors/League Podcast Thread

    NZ Warriors/League Podcast Thread Sorry about spammage but it's perhaps one of the greatest things ever. It's league, it's a podcast, it's life, it's Extraordinary Gentlemen of League First episode is here https://xgol.podbean.com/ Facebook is here...
  3. Player Denan Kemp

    Denan Kemp Looks like we may have signed him on a 2 year deal https://www.leaguehq.com.au/news/news/rabbitohs-join-barrett-hunt/2008/05/28/1211654121824.html?page=2 From what I know about him, very exiting prospect, would pretty much slot straight into our starting line up.