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  1. Poasa Faamausili

    Poasa Faamausili

    Debuted for the Sydney Roosters in 2018 against the Titans. In 2020, Faamausili was loaned to the New Zealand Warriors for 4 weeks before being recalled after the Roosters own injury concerns. Faamausili made his Warriors debut in Roound 4, 2022 against the Penrith Panthers. On 15 October...
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    Player Poasa Faamausili

    Poasa Faamausili Height:188 cm Weight:108 kg Age:24 Date of Birth:14 February 1996 Birthplace:Auckland, NZ Nickname: Po Debut Club:Sydney Roosters Opposition:Gold Coast Titans Date:15 July 2018 Round:18 Previous Club:- Junior Club:Glenora Bears Biography: A traditionally hard worker in...