1. Sup42

    General Sack The Players

    The Sack coach cappy thread reads like a tennis match of a Warrior fan kind. There are those who hit the ball in anger about the coach.....and those that return serve in anger about the players. Both parties are guilty of clinging to long held hoary old arguments. This thread title is somewhat...
  2. NZ top 50: Part 2 (40-31)

    NZ top 50: Part 2 (40-31)

    A couple of current Kiwi internationals and some veteran chargers feature on Part 2 of our top 50 list. Check out players 40-31. 40. Frank Paul Nuuausala – Had a couple of standout performances for the Raiders last year, delivering plenty of impact with his ferocious carries of the ball. His...
  3. Kiwi players your Fantasy team needs

    Kiwi players your Fantasy team needs

    Struggling to find the building blocks for your NRL Fantasy squad? Here are five New Zealand players you need to have in your team. Simon Mannering Not just the best Kiwi NRL Fantasy player last year, but the best in the entire competition, with his 1,436 total points edging out Cameron Smith...
  4. NZ top 50: Part 1

    NZ top 50: Part 1

    In 2016 New Zealand players account for a large proportion of the world’s best rugby league players, and with every year more and more Kiwis come through to star in both the NRL and Super League. Before the start of the 2016 season is counting down the 50 best New Zealand...
  5. Wishlist Trades for Warriors

    Wishlist Trades for Warriors

    It isn’t quite like the big time US sports where players get traded at a moment’s notice but here are five trades that would make sense from a Warriors perspective. Konrad Hurrell for Ricky Leutele (Sharks) Both players are a similar age and would command a similar salary. At his best Konrad...
  6. Nrl Top 100 Players

    Nrl Top 100 Players

    If the season was to start tomorrow and all players were at full health here is my list of the top 100 players in the game today. 100. Anthony Watmough (Eels) 99. Mitch Rein (Dragons) 98. David Mead (Titans) 97. Pat Richards (Tigers) 96. Dylan Walker (Rabbitohs) 95. Jason Nightingale (Dragons)...
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