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  1. mt.wellington

    Player Chanel Harris-Tavita

    Chanel Harris-Tavita CLUB NEWS [NYC Awards] Harris-Tavita wins top award Richard Becht , Image: Tue 10 Oct 2017, 01:51 PM Chanel Harris-Tavita backed up his 2016 TNT NYC Rookie of the Year accolade by being named the Vodafone NYC Player of the Year at the Vodafone Junior...
  2. Chanel Harris-Tavita

    Chanel Harris-Tavita

    2016 - Warriors TNT NYC Rookie of the Year 2017 - Vodafone NYC Player of the Year 2017 - NZ Junior Kiwis 2017 - NZRL Junior Player of the Year
  3. mt.wellington

    Player Ata Hingano

    Ata Hingano TEEN SENSATION KEEPS WARRIORS’ HALVES ON NOTICE Written by JOE McDONOUGH, April 23, 2016 THE WARRIORS may be pitting veteran Thomas Leuluai in the halves with Shaun Johnson but if that doesn’t pan out Andrew McFadden has another very strong option in young gun Ata Hingano...
  4. Player Ali Lauiti'iti

    Ali Lauiti'iti Could this salary cap debacle further explain the departure of these key players? It adds to reasons for them to leave (to stay under the cap). It seems it certainly would have helped.