1. tajhay

    Support/Announcement IOS and Android App Revisited

    Quite a large number of users on here visit the site on their mobile. We had always envisioned to provide a mobile app to make the site a bit more user friendly. Whilst we had hoped to had this available earlier and at no cost...
  2. tajhay

    Support/Announcement Feedback for website in 2016

    Hi all, Thanks to all that have made the forum and site the goto place for Warriors news, information and resources. We are underway planning for new features for 2016. If you have any feedback, or advice on what you want us to incorporate into the site, please use this thread. All constructive...
  3. Lord Gnome of Howick MBE

    Support/Announcement iPhone App

    Does this site have an app?
  4. tajhay

    General Member Achievements

    This thread is simply to congratulate or stay abreast of major member milestones. Whether someone has posted their first ever post, has had 500 likes, has their birthday today, you will find it on here and you may wish to congratulate the poster on their achievement. These posts are automated...