1. snake77

    General Pre Season NRL Nines vs In Season Double Headers

    The double header at Mt Smart was a huge success. The Warriors on a winning streak obviously helped but like the 9's in was great having more of the focus of the NRL in Auckland. For the 9's we had all 16 teams in town promoting the sport and the event. The first year it was great with more...
  2. Player Ali Lauiti'iti

    Ali Lauiti'iti Could this salary cap debacle further explain the departure of these key players? It adds to reasons for them to leave (to stay under the cap). It seems it certainly would have helped.
  3. 2014 Auckland Nines Jersey

    2014 Auckland Nines Jersey

    Known as the High Voltage jersey this was used by the team during their five Auckland Nines appearances. First modeled by Sam Tomkins during his first visit to NZ. Treated as a training jersey with the NRL and Warriors logos being sublimated and not embroidered on. CHECK THROUGH THE IMAGE...