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  1. mt.wellington

    General Warriors Junior Program Reform

    Warriors Junior Program Reform Theres going to be a huge restructure next season. Sounds like the Warriors will have a house in Redcliffe where a handful of juniors will be based while the best of them will join our top 30. Other than that we will no longer have a junior system at the club with...
  2. mt.wellington

    General 2019 Warriors Jersey Flegg

    CLUB NEWS Build-up begins for 2019 Jersey Flegg Cup Tue 9 Oct 2018, 04:26 PM With the Vodafone Junior Warriors confirmed to again line up in the New South Wales Jersey Flegg Cup next year, the club has today announced it has scheduled an open trial weekend across October 27 and...
  3. eudebrito

    General Warriors Jersey Flegg Cup 2018

    So haven’t heard much about this, the warriors will officially have a team in the NSW cup U20s comp? Which will be basically the same standard as the old U20s, they just won’t have games in Melbourne or QLD? Or now that the comp has a bit less prestige, less tv coverage, they now wearing a...