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    Manoa Thompson
  2. Is It Time For Personalised Numbers?

    Is It Time For Personalised Numbers?

    The phenomenal interest in Jarryd Hayne’s rise through the NFL pre-season and his potential regular season debut has got me thinking. Hayne hasn’t even played a down in anger in the NFL yet Australia is already crying out for more #38 San Francisco 49ers replica shirts. His numbered-shirt is...
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    Manoa Thompson

    Thompson was born in Fiji before moving to Australia when he was 11. His birth mother, Elenoa Tokalautawa died when he was very young, he was adopted by his mother's younger sister, Ana Waqanibaravi Thompson. He played his junior football with the Alexandria Rovers. Thompson also played rugby...
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    Saw a similar post for the nba, so thought id start one about the nfl. I really like the Redskins and the chargers, although because the redskins are out of the playoffs, i really want the ravens to win it all, I really like Ray Lewis.