1. runituptheguts

    Internationals 2016 Pacific Test

    The rep jumper Anthony Milford will get to wear in 2016 a day ago by DAN WALSH Source: FOX SPORT THE rep jumper Anthony Milford should be wearing this year doesn’t come in maroon, or green and gold, but royal blue. Kevin Walters won’t pick him for Queensland. Mal Meninga won’t pick him for...
  2. Don’t Question Rugby League’s Appeal

    Don’t Question Rugby League’s Appeal

    Former Wallaby and respected newspaper columnist Peter FitzSimons wrote during the week that the Rugby World Cup was dwarfing the AFL and the NRL. He was referring to the global nature of rugby and the fact that the AFL and NRL were popular only in Australia (and the north of England and New...
  3. Questions Need To Be Asked Of Kearney

    Questions Need To Be Asked Of Kearney

    I like Stephen Kearney and think he’s done a fantastic job as Kiwis coach. But questions need to be asked about whether personal issues with certain players are affecting team selection. Kearney’s record as coach of the Kiwis is impressive. He won a World Cup in his first major international...
  4. mt.wellington

    Internationals PACIFIC ISLAND Rugby League News

    Just going to start a thread for all the news or smaller games happening in the Pacific or involving PI teams that might not warrant a thread. First up... Tonga Rugby League announce team to take on PNG in sanctioned Test 14/10/14 Tonga has today announced their 17-man team to take on the...
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