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  1. mt.wellington

    Player Greg Alexander

    7. GREG ALEXANDER This ones an easy one. Greg 'Brandy' Alexander wears a few hats as detailed in his Fox Sports profile. Greg Alexander A Premiership-winning captain and living legend of the Penrith Panthers, Greg Brandy Alexander is now one of the most recognised Rugby League and general...
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    General Tackling Tackle Tactics

    Mod Edit: In the light of the Alex McKinnon tragedy, a couple of threads are trending into the discussion of NRL tackling, so this is where it will continue. Technically an NRL issue rather than Warriors, but I will leave it in here for now. Cheers! _________________________ This is a tad off...
  3. Greg Alexander

    Greg Alexander

    Penrith's first ‘home-grown’ Test player, Greg Alexander displayed a unique ability during his career to score and set up tries. Fast, with an elusive step and swerve, 'Brandy' Alexander was also a great tactical kicker, a confident goal-kicker and an excellent cover-defender. A star schoolboy...