1. tajhay

    General NRL Supercoach 2017

    Hi guys, Have created a league for 2017 using same 20 team format - H2H with playoffs to decide eventual winner. League is : 705699 Calling all previous participants: mt.wellington ryno ToiletDuck Tracer Fire eudebrito Inruin Mr Brownstone Danpatmac OMG tajhay MarkW Lego_Man Paleaaesina2the20...
  2. Kiwi players your Fantasy team needs

    Kiwi players your Fantasy team needs

    Struggling to find the building blocks for your NRL Fantasy squad? Here are five New Zealand players you need to have in your team. Simon Mannering Not just the best Kiwi NRL Fantasy player last year, but the best in the entire competition, with his 1,436 total points edging out Cameron Smith...
  3. mt.wellington

    General 2016 NRL SuperCoach

    2016 NRL SuperCoach Looking to see if anyone is interested in joining the NZWF league for Super Coach. Also wondering if people would like to play overall or head to head. Overall is when you are trying to win the big prize. Winner of the league is the highest ranked player in the league...
  4. ShaunJohnson7

    General Fantasy NBA

    I guess we may as well get the ball rolling seen as the season is actually coming up fairly quickly. I've spoken to most of you guys in regards to getting a nzwarriors forum nba league set up and so far we have the following who are keen to play: drake83 Danpatmac Magic Stick Matulino#1...
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