1. mt.wellington

    General 2018 Warriors Fan Ideas

    Hi all. Was wanting to get opinions, ideas and comments on what fans would like to see improved in terms of memberships, membership packs, pregame game events, game day experience, after match functions etc. Basically the club are trying to engage with fans more and try get more people to...
  2. Fazz

    General Will you continue to support the Warriors?

    Pretty simple question. I actually think I'm done. My support of this club been hanging from a thread for about a year now and now I think I'm done. I don't enjoy watching us play. I haven't enjoyed it since 2011. I've been a fan since I was a kid and now I think five years of solid, pathetic...
  3. General Why do 'YOU' support the Warriors ?

    WHY DO 'YOU' SUPPORT THE WARRIORS ??? I noticed people questioning what was a 'fan' in a couple of other threads, which I thought was wandering off-topic a bit, so why not start a thread of it's own ? A strange title for a thread I admit, but this is really about what it means to be a...
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