cook island

  1. Anthony Gelling

    Anthony Gelling

    Anthony Gelling (born 18 October 1990) is a New Zealand-Cook Islander footballer who plays for the New Zealand Warriors in the National Rugby League. He plays in the second-row or at centre. He has previously played for the Wigan Warriors in the Super League. Gelling is of Cook Islander and...
  2. Kevin Iro

    Kevin Iro

    Kiwi international (34 Tests, 1987-98) was surprisingly ineffective during two seasons with Manly under his former Wigan coach Graham Lowe. Kevin Iro, who had played very successful stints with Wigan from 1987-91 and Leeds from 1992-97, also made little impact in the Hunter Mariners’ sole season...
  3. Player Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis Peter Lewis would get a run in the douche bag 13.
  4. General Isaac John

    How come Isaac John isnt in the 'favourite players' section? Hes my new favourite player:) He reminds me of Shontayne Hape, my old favourite, Ah van reminded me of Fa'afili which is why he was my favourite, and he still is but now i like Isaac better:)