1. tajhay

    Support/Announcement Help Required - Bookie/TIpping Comp Admin

    Hi, Is anyone interested in assisting with the tipping comp and bookie comps? Essentially, the role requires you to: - Create the bookie bets for the different combinations i.e. Warriors Win, Warriors Win 1-12, Warriors Win 13+ etc for all the games each round. - Settle the bets at completion of...
  2. oman

    Support/Announcement 2021 Tipping and Bookie Competitions Open!

    Hi Everyone! It's time to launch the 2021 Tipping and Bookie Competitions! Access tipping from the main menu: To join both the pools, visit the links below and then click the button. To make your picks, click 2021 Regular Tipping 2021 Knockout Tipping Quick recap on rules for those who...