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  1. Pete

    General Warriors Prescription Drugs Drama

    *Mod - This post was moved from the Sack The Players thread. Others have been moved from What To Do With The 6, Manu Vautvei Appreciation, Manu Vatuvei, Konrad Hurrell, etc to help keep the discussion clogging up 10 threads. Surprised this thread hasn't been busier today. Surely a few of the...
  2. Top 10 Under-rated Players In The Nrl

    Top 10 Under-rated Players In The Nrl

    This is a list of the most under-rated stars of the NRL. These guys are more important to their side than their profile or pay cheque suggests they are. Mitch Aubusson (Roosters) The everywhere man for the minor premiers – Aubusson has done an admirable job for coach Trent Robinson be it in the...
  3. mt.wellington

    Player Bodene Thompson

    Another story that deserves to be posted and not lost in another thread that will get locked sooner or later... The fat kid who fell in love with league By Michael Burgess 5:00 AM Sunday Feb 22, 2015 Bodene Thompson has proven durable. New Warriors recruit Bodene Thompson wasn't exactly...
  4. Bodene Thompson

    Bodene Thompson

    A Tauranga City Sharks junior, Thompson played rugby league with Keebra Park High when his family moved to Australia. In 2008 he played for the Gold Coast Titans Toyota Cup side. Thompson made his National Rugby League debut for the Gold Coast Titans in Round 9, 2009, making 3 appearances from...
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